How To Start Cockerel Poultry Farming In Nigeria: Step-By-Step Guide

How To Start Cockerel Poultry Farming In Nigeria: Step-By-Step Guide

Cockerel poultry farming

Cockerel poultry farming business in Nigeria has the potential to make you very wealthy if you know how to go about it. In Nigeria today, agribusiness investments are becoming the order of the day and you wouldn’t want to be left behind. You can actually carry out cockerel poultry farming business in both small and large scale depending on your financial ability. The purpose of this article is to provide you with the needed guidance and information to make you successful.

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You will get to know the price of the cockerel in Nigeria, the standard cockerel management guide, cockerel vaccination schedule, etc. In this article, you will also get to know how to make cockerel grow faster in your poultry farm. Cockerel poultry farming business is an agribusiness you really need to venture into especially at this point in time in Nigeria.

Why Cockerel Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria

The major reason why you need to start cockerel poultry farming business in Nigeria is because of the profitability of the business. In Nigeria, there is no culture or religion that is against the consumption of chicken or chicken related products. It is estimated that the population of Nigeria is currently above 180 million. This tells you that there is a large market for your cockerel in Nigeria.

The national agency for food drug administration and control (NAFDAC) has warned against the consumption of imported poultry products. It will also interest you to know that the consumption of poultry meat is higher than that of red meat consumption. Another interesting thing about cockerel poultry farming in Nigeria is that you can achieve 100% returns on investment.

Difference Between Cockerel And Broiler

Well, cockerel and broiler are both poultry birds that you can raise in Nigeria. There are still certain differences that exist between these two birds.

  • The cockerels grow within 6 months while broilers grow within just 8-10 weeks.
  • You can feed cockerel with the same feed you give the local birds but the broilers must be fed with formulated feeds.
  • The cockerel is more resistant to diseases than the broilers.

The Factors That Can Affect Your Cockerel Poultry Farming In Nigeria

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You need to be very careful with the below-listed factors as they can negatively affect your cockerel business. These factors include the following:

  • The quality of feed will determine the productivity of your birds in the farm
  • It will be very difficult for you not to have 5% mortality in the farm
  • The environment will also have an impact on the development of the cockerel birds

How To Make Your Cockerel Grow Faster In Your Farm

There are things you need to do in order to make your cockerel grow faster and give you good returns. Below are the things you need to put into effect if you want to make your cockerel grow faster.

  • You need to feed your poultry birds with high protein feeds
  • Feeding your cockerel is as important as feeding them with the proper feeds for their growth and development
  • Proper vaccination is also needed to increase the size of your cockerel bird within the shortest possible time
  • Good housing and biosecurity also plays a very good role in making your cockerel birds grow very fast
  • Proper breed selection also influence the rate of growth of your poultry birds

Requirements For Starting Your Cockerel Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria

  • Well-detailed cockerel farming business plan

Before starting your cockerel poultry farming business in Nigeria, you need to have a very good business plan. There is no way you can have a successful cockerel poultry farming business, a business plan is very well needed. The business plan will serve as a guide on how you can set up the poultry farming business.

You cannot seek for an agricultural loan or grant for your cockerel poultry farming business without your business plan. So, you need to have your business plan handy before venturing into your poultry farming business in Nigeria.

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  • Acquire the necessary knowledge

After you must have prepared the business plan for your poultry business, the next stage is to acquire the needed knowledge to succeed. When it comes to cockerel poultry farming business in Nigeria, there are certain things you need to have very good knowledge of. You must know how to prepare the poultry house, the vaccination schedule for your poultry birds, and where to buy the day-old chicks.

It will also be very important for you to understand ways to reduce the incidence of disease outbreak.

  • Decide on when to buy the chicks

You can decide to do this in one of two ways which are either you buy day-old chicks or after the brooding period. If you buy day-old cockerels, then you will do the brooding yourself for two weeks. You need to understand that this brooding period. If you fail to do the brooding in the proper manner, it will be very difficult to maintain the mortality rate at a maximum of 5%.

When going for the day-old chicks, you will need to keep the room above 300 that. In doing so, you will need to make use of 200-watt bulbs lowered to about one foot to the ground and an artificial fireplace. You must keep the doors and windows airtight to avoid reducing the temperature.

  • Get a good business location

Your business location is very important to the success of the cockerel poultry farming business in Nigeria. The location has to be very accessible to all who will need to get to your poultry farm.

  • Construct the poultry house

After you must have gotten a suitable farm location, the next phase is to construct the poultry house. In constructing the poultry house, it has to be of two types which will include the brooding and growing place.

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  • Buy the needed poultry equipment

After you have finished the construction of your poultry farm house, then you will need to acquire the necessary equipment. Materials like the feeders, drinkers, wire gauze, etc are essential for your poultry farming business.

  • Buy healthy chicks for your cockerel poultry farming business

When buying the chicks, you need to make sure you buy the healthy ones as it will be very vital to the success of your business. It is advisable that you buy them after brooding because it will give you an idea of their growth after two weeks. You can always seek advice from those that are already in the business.

After about 6 months, your cockerels must have reached maturation and you can either sell them frozen or live.


For your well-detailed cockerel poultry farming business plan, contact us. Your business plan will be ready within 2 weeks of your order. You can as well place your order on any business niche of your choice.

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