The Goldmine Of Pineapple Farming In Nigeria: How To Start

The Goldmine Of Pineapple Farming In Nigeria: How To Start

Pineapple farming

Pineapple farming is indeed a goldmine agribusiness venture to start in Nigeria. Currently, Nigeria is ranked 7th in the world and 1st in Africa in terms of pineapple production. You should know that pineapple farming in Nigeria is a sure way of making millions from the agricultural sector. It will interest to know that pineapple has both local and international demand. This is as a result of its nutritional and health benefits all over the world.

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Known as Ananas cosmosus, the pineapple is a wonderful and very profitable farming business that you can start in Nigeria. You should know that the weather condition of Nigeria is very ideal for pineapple farming business. The Nigerian market is also very large and always in high demand for the pineapple fruit as well as its processed products.

This article will provide you with the needed information to guide you when starting your own pineapple farming business in Nigeria. The information that will be provided for you in this article will cover areas that include:

  • The pineapple farm net worth in Nigeria
  • Pineapple production in Nigeria
  • Pineapple planting season in Nigeria
  • The suitable climate for growing pineapple
  • How pineapple is cultivated in Nigeria, and
  • The planting time of pineapple in Nigeria

Providing you with the needed information regarding the aforementioned topics is the main focus of this article.

The Profitability Of Pineapple Farming In Nigeria

If you still doubt the fact that pineapple farming in Nigeria is a goldmine, I should clear your doubts before we go any further. Just assume that you harvested about a 100, 000 pineapple from your pineapple farm in Nigeria. If you sell them at N50 per one, you will be making a whopping sum of N5 million.

If you remove N3 million as the cost of your pineapple production in Nigeria, that leaves you with N2 million as your profit.

You can now imagine selling your pineapple for N100 or above, that will be lots of millions of naira for you. The only thing is that pineapple farming is not a fast way of making money in Nigeria. What it does is that it guarantees you a sustainable income over time.  With pineapple farming, be sure that you can be financially stabilized in life. There are no two ways about it.

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Now that I believe that I have cleared your doubts on the profitability of pineapple farming in Nigeria, let us then move on how pineapple is cultivated in Nigeria.

Requirements For Starting Pineapple Farming Business In Nigeria

Pineapple farming

It is highly recommended that you don’t venture into starting your pineapple farming business without any of these requirements. Without these requirements, your pineapple production in Nigeria is certainly not going to last long for you to enjoy the money from it.

So, the requirements listed below are not negotiable if you desire to be successful in pineapple farming in Nigeria.

  1. Have A Good Business Plan

No business last the test of time without a good business plan on how to execute such a business. Pineapple farming is no exception to this very important rule. Before starting your pineapple production business in Nigeria, make out time to develop a well-detailed business plan on pineapple farming in Nigeria.

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Having a business plan will help you in more ways than you can imagine. With your business plan, you can apply for government agricultural loans. You will also use your business plan on pineapple farming to woo investors to invest in your pineapple production business.

You can see that aside from guiding you in the course of pineapple farming business, your business plan also helps you to source for funds to start your agribusiness.

  1. A Good Farmland

Once your business plan and the capital to start your pineapple farming business, the next step is to select good farmland. The farmland that you have elected should be a sandy soil with good quality nutrients, water retention capacity, and suitable climate for growing pineapple.

After you have selected the land of your choice, clear the farmland and raise beds for planting your pineapple. The planting time of pineapple is during the rainy season as pineapple farming thrives under evenly distributed rainfall.

  1. Select Good Pineapple Variety

Starting with a good pineapple species is very important for the success of your pineapple farming business in Nigeria. For commercial pineapple production in Nigeria, you should consider the following varieties:

  • The smooth leaf Cayenne pineapple
  • The newly developed pure gold pineapple, and
  • The gold crown pineapple

On how pineapple is cultivated, you should know that there are two basic methods of planning your pineapple. You can either use the sucker or the crown. The sucker is the off-shoot by the side of the pineapple. The sucker grows in lesser time (9 months) than the crown which grows within 1 year and 2 months.

Before selecting a particular pineapple variety,  you should conduct good market research to know the species with greater market preference in your locality.

  1. Pineapple Spacing

It is highly recommended that you space your pineapple in your pineapple farm. Good spacing ensures that your pineapple grows well by not having to compete for nutrients within a very small space. It is not advised that you plant more than 50,000 pineapples per hectare.

With the above-listed requirements in place, your pineapple farming business is going to go. All you need is the belief that you have all it takes to be a successful pineapple farmer in Nigeria.


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