The Difference Btw Nigerian National Id Card Vs Nigerian Voters Card

The Nigerian National Id card vs the Nigerian Voters card are the two of the most generally used cards in Nigeria. These two general cards that are very significant core to the Nigerian state and its citizens. They both have different functions and roles in the nation. We are going to see the Nigerian National ID Card Vs Nigerian Voters Card – Uses and Differences Between the Both. 

Between the Nigerian National ID Card Vs Nigerian Voters Card, it is detected that the Nigerian national ID card plays more roles than the voter cards. As the name suggests, the national ID card is mainly used for proof of identity whereas the voter’s card is principally restricted to electoral purposes.

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Nigerian National ID Card Vs Nigerian Voters Card

Since we are relating both cards, we would love to present the uses and differences of the voters and national ID cards in a horizontal format. Note, in pointing out the uses, we are basically pointing out the variances of both cards.

The Uses And differences between the Nigerian National Id card vs Nigerian Voters Cards

1 Mainly, the national ID Card is used for proof of identity. It separates one individual’s individuality from another. The primary purpose of the voter’s card is primarily for voting. Therefore, a voter’s card is used in election exercises.
2 National ID cards serve national security purposes. Government officials can prevent individuals who are not supposed to be in a certain area, such as persons who have been considered national security threats, from performing certain actions such as flying. Furthermore, a voter’s card can also be used to detect individuals. If an individual is without a national ID card, he/she can use the voter’s card as an alternative for identification.
3 National ID Card serves as a basis for information on a particular individual. A national ID card can disclose details about the owner’s health status and other important information. Voters card can also serve as a source of information on an individual but has limited information compared to an ID card.
4 ID cards help identity theft. If a country has universal standards for ID cards and is able to prevent fake of these cards, conducting identity theft can be more problematic because the owner of the ID card can prove his identity. Voters card can be used for official and transactional purposes. For instance, individuals can be demanded to provide either the national ID card or Voters card for banking activities.