Valucard Offers VPay Visa VbV for Secure e-payment

Valucard Offers VPay Visa VbV for Secure e-payment

Electronic Modes of transactions are a current trend today. One of the globally recognized companies that supports secure electronic transactions and payments in Nigeria is Valucard plc. Valucard plc is the joint acquirer of Visa international in Nigeria.

Vpay is an online chip and pin card that can be used to make withdrawals from ATM machines, it can also be used to make purchases from merchants online as well as POS terminals. Vpay is promoted by Valucard.

VPay offers more secure transactions compared to magnetic strip cards because it is chip based. This also makes it useful for ID card purposes. Vpay allows cardholders to store personal information like medical history in the card for easy access or foe verification purposes. Vpay can be used to make a purchase anywhere you see the Visa acceptance sign.

Visa is a brand that is globally recognized as a pioneer in secure e-payment solutions. Visa international network comprises of over 24 million merchants. Using POS terminals or online stores, nigerians can now make purchases from any of these 24 million merchants worldwide.


Verified by Visa (VbV): Meaning And Usefulness

Verified by Visa (VbV) is a simple password protected identity-checking service that helps to secure online purchases. When a merchant sells his products online, there is no form of proof in form of a pin or signature gotten from the customer and this has caused the possibility of fraud to be on the increase. This tendency has made merchants extremely careful when making online sales.

The use of VbV helps to solve this problem because it provides a secure online payment platform that allows Visa merchants to verify and authenticate a shopper’s identity online within seconds. VbV reduces the occurrence of disputed transactions where a cardholder claims he/she is not responsible for a purchase. Unlike before when merchants record huge losses due to payments made in dispute. In the event that disputes cccur, a Visa merchant who uses VbV will not record any losses.

Merchants based in Nigeria are empowered by VbV to sell to over 1.6 billion Visa cardholders worldwide. With VbV, Visa and VPay cards can be used for secured internet payments to all Visa merchants worldwide.

How To Change PIN On VbV

For an existing Visa or Vpay cardholder, it is easier to enrol into VbV.

All you need to do is, insert your card into any ATM machine that accepts Visa or VPay and select the option to change PIN.

From the change PIN menu, select the Internet PIN (IPIN) option and change your Visa IPIN. More information may be requested from the Visa cardholder.

In Nigeria, Visa merchants enrol using an enrolment form provided by Valucard.

How To Get VPay or Visa

Getting VPay or Visa entails visiting any of the partner banks, to request for one. Some of the partner banks include Access Bank, Afribank, Bank PHB, Diamond Bank, EcoBank, ETB, FirstBank, Fidelity Bank, FCMB and First Inland Bank.

Other banks that partner with Visa/VPay include; GTBank, IBTC, Intercontinental Bank, Oceanic Bank, Skye Bank, Standard chartered Bank, Zenith Bank, Union Bank and UBA.

How To Change Visa/VPay card PIN

One thing you will need to do when you receive your Visa/VPay card is to change your Pin from the default pin. It is best not to keep a written record of your pin, that way you can be assured that your transactions are secured. Just memorise your pin and you are good to go.

Contacts/Customer Care

To get more information on Visa, VPay, or VbV, visit the Valucard website at

They can also be contacted on: ; 01-2703010, 01-2703013, 01-2703014