How To Optimize Your Livestock Fattening Technique In Nigeria

How To Optimize Your Livestock Fattening Technique In Nigeria

livestock fattening technique

Having a very good livestock fattening technique is very important for every livestock farmer in Nigeria, especially those farmers that focus on beef production. The optimization of your livestock fattening technique in Nigeria is very essential for making profits in your cattle rearing business.

As a cattle farmer in Nigeria, you don’t just jump into cattle fattening because you heard that it is very profitable. Before you decide on which livestock fattening technique to use as a livestock farmer in Nigeria, you should carry out an economic analysis of cattle fattening in Nigeria.

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You can go with cattle fattening feed formulation or cow fattening drug. Whichever one of the two methods listed above that you decide to use in your livestock farm, knowing how to optimize them is very imperative.

The objective of this article is to help you optimize the livestock fattening technique you are using in you farm in Nigeria. So, just relax and keep reading for I know that you will be glad you did read in the end.

For the optimization of your livestock fattening technique in Nigeria, it requires a four-step approach that you must follow to achieve the maximum result and profitability.

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Four Steps For Optimizing Your Livestock Fattening Technique In Nigeria

These very important and necessary four steps include:

  • Consideration of the target market and the desired final output
  • Analysis of the current farming systems in use
  • Having a well developed and customized dietary program
  • Evaluation of your recently implemented program

Consideration of the target market and the desired final output

Before you decide to utilize any livestock fattening technique in Nigeria, you must consider the type of products required by your target market. This will help you to channel your production goals to satisfy your target market.

Just like every other business, commercial beef production requires that you also satisfy your customers at all cost with your product. Having a prior knowledge of the requirements of your target market will help you determine the main objective concerning weight gain, fat content, color of meat, and average daily gain of the cattle.

With this knowledge in mind, it will help you as the cattle farmer to decide the particular diet type to implement. You can choose wet diet, semi-dry diet, or dry diet with respect to the demand of your target market and your desired final output. Therefore, your choice of livestock fattening technique in Nigeria must promote your desired final output that is needed by your target market or customers.

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Analysis of the current farming system in use

Your ability to achieve your goal of optimizing your livestock fattening technique to achieve profitability is dependent on your very good understanding of the current farming system. You have to know the different areas in your cattle farm that needs improvement. This can be done by carrying out an audit of the farm from both economic and technical point of view.

What is the performance modeling allowed by the management to be used in farrow to finish farms as well as the different teachings of the market data. The price of young bulls, calves, their feeding program, the cost of rearing a particular livestock will help you to determine profit margins.

In order to really optimize the livestock fattening technique that you are using in your livestock farm, there is need for you to critically analyze the current farming system you are using in your farm.

A customized and well developed dietary program

For the optimization of your livestock fattening technique in Nigeria, you need to have a customized dietary program that is based on your farm’s economic and technical policy. This customized dietary program should contain the following:

  • The profit margin target
  • The turn-over of young cows
  • consideration of the livestock’s growth potential, the average daily gain potential, and growth curve
  • Optimization of the farm animal’s feeds (forages, additive minerals, raw materials, and co-products)

The above listed considerations are designed in such in such a way to select the most suitable course from an economical and technical perspective. When you collect all the data related to the desired objectives of your livestock farm, you can enter them into economic optimization software.

The software will then calculate the needed nutritional requirements suggesting to you the best suited feeding program for your farm animals. For you to know the most suitable feeding program, you need to have a good knowledge of the nutritional values available in your farm.

The consideration of your production targets will also assist you in determining the extent to which the available resources in your farm can be used. It will also help you to determine the best suited feed supplement to use in order to optimize your livestock fattening technique in Nigeria.

In order to achieve a more accurate result with the designing of your livestock feeding program, you also have to consider criteria such as adaptation, start, growth, and finishing for your farm animals. It helps you control or prevent any digestive upset that will arise as a result of the new diet program.

You must also be very careful not to make use of an unsuitable feeding program. This can lead to general underperformance of your livestock, digestive disorders like acidosis, inefficient utilization of the diets, reduced daily weight gain for beef cattle, reduce performance, lameness, and death.

The addition of additives in your livestock diet will also help to boost their absorption of the nutrients to its full potential. There are some additive solutions that guarantee good optimization for the growth of young cows. When optimizing your livestock fattening technique, you also have to critically consider good additive solutions.

Additive solutions help ruminants to produce propionic acid that helps to increase muscle growth of livestock. Another benefit of these additive solutions is that they also limit the emission of methane which helps the farm animals to limit energy waste.

Evaluation of your recently implemented programs

The last but not the least of the four important steps to optimizing your livestock fattening technique in Nigeria is the critical evaluation of the program. Carrying out a comparative comparison between the diet feed to the farm animals and their weight gain will help you achieve an accurate technical and economic comparison of the recently implemented program.

With this evaluation, you will identify areas in your farm that requires improvement and how best to tackle such challenges. It is simply not enough to just fatten your livestock; you need to find ways to optimize that particular livestock fattening technique you have employed in your farm. That is exactly what this article has provided you. I hope you enjoy your reading and find this work really helpful too.


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