How to Start & Equipments Needed For Laundry Business in Nigeria

Equipment Needed For Laundry Business in Nigeria

If you are going into laundry business in Nigeria, an essential requirement is the availability of clean water. There is no doubt that laundry business is quite a lucrative business to start in Nigeria, though a small-scale business it is easy to start with restricted capital and investment. So at the end of this article, you must have learnt  How to Start a Laundry Business from Home or how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria that will make you a lot of money.

Equipment needed for Laundry business in Nigeria:

Quickly, some of the things you will need for your laundry business includes packaging nylons, pegs, buckets and basins, nylons, detergents, soaps, rope etc. below is a rundown of other Equipment Needed For Landry Business in Nigeria


It is recommended that you get at least a 6KVA power generating set. This should be able to power a Dry pressing iron, a Steam Iron, and a 1.5Hp Air Condition at the same time.

This could be priced for about 135, 000 to 173,000 Naira or you go for a small 5KVA generator. Alternatively, though not recommendable, public power supply can still power your laundry business, depending on the level of power availability or fluctuation in your area.

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You can get for yourself a 14KG top loader LG washing Machine to start your dry-cleaning business. Get a product that is rugged, yet inexpensive. This will make your work much pleasant as compared to the front loader in which as soon as the lid is closed, the machine shuts down until washing completes.

Get at least a 14KG washing machine which can carry and wash at least 40 clothes at a time. Sometimes you have to wash the clothes manually, as not all clothes can be washed with a laundry machine.

Laundry Business Nigeria


You can’t stand all through while washing clothes. That’s the more reason you need a big washing table for scrubbing and a chair for sitting.


You need a set of hangers for hanging and drying your clothes after washing. These are just the same hangers you use on your wardrobe at home. Get as many bundles as possible for your laundry business. It’s not all that expensive.


You need a water tank for storing your water. Its best t sink a borehole but where you do not have such capacity, simply get an fill a 3000 litre water tank with clean water. A GP tank could go for about 32,000 Naira excluding transportation cost, which is a function of your location and agreement with the seller. You also need to set up a tank stand where your GP tank will stay.


You need two kinds of pressing irons for this business – a steam pressing iron and a dry pressing iron. The dry pressing iron is used for the typical shirts while the steam iron is mainly used for suits, dinner gowns, wedding gowns, and some other kinds of special fabrics. The prices vary for both.


All you need here is a 3 X 6 wide pressing table which a carpenter can easily construct for you at a considerably low cost.


This towel is placed on the dressing table and the tablecloth is then put on it. This is required to make the ironing process apparent and also prevent contours in the process of ironing. This can go for about 1000 Naira


This is needed for plugging the pressing irons and some other electronic gadgets in your business premises. This should go for 2500 – 3000 Naira for original multiple extension sockets.


Natural sun drying is the best form of drying and most preferable. But then, you need to get a drier for your laundry business. Understand also that the drier produces much heat and consumes much energy. It could go for about N200, 000 depending on your location. The drier is a must have for any standard laundry


Conditioner is added to the water for rinsing the clothes. It helps give clothes a pleasant smell.


You will cinched this to the external hanger and use it for hanging/spreading the clothes. The length of ropes to be bought depends on the distance between both poles and hangers


You need to buy several kinds of stain removal chemicals, rust removal, Perclum (used for dry-cleaning suits), Ink removal, mucor removal, oil removal chemicals respectively. These are readily available in the open market and considerably affordable prices.


Just get a large basket for storing clients’ clothes, some for dirty clothes, others for washed clothes.

The question of How much does it cost to set up a dry cleaning business shouldn’t be a problem if you have gotten the above mentioned Laundry business equipments in place.