7 Reasons Why You Must Do Your Business like a Prostitute In Nigeria

Do Your Business like a ProStitute

Today i will be talking telling you to Do Your Business like a Prostitute. Please be guided Before you say I said, I do know very well that prostitution is against the law of the country, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it. After all they are all scattered around the streets of major cities in the country and none of them have been arrested. (“am sorry if I just said rubbish”).

As you probably already know, it is considered to be one if of the oldest businesses in the world. Because it has been around for such a long time, the profession has been optimized to the degree that you can actually learn a few things from it.

Prostitutes which have upgraded and now Runs in Nigeria do their thing and will always sell no matter who tries to Criticize it in the country. No need of trying to talk much about prostitution but here are my few lessons or what I think about doing your business the way the prostitutes do theirs.

Reasons Why You Must Run Your Business Like a Street whore

1: Good Location is Everything you need for a start: (Do Your Business like a Prostitute)



If you enter any city, you will notice that you don’t see prostitutes standing on every street corner, right? Of course not! It’s because not all locations are good for business. It’s the same reason why petrol filling stations are normally built along the roadsides instead of the streets in town.

You can’t be hulking costly gadgets in the traffic and expect to make more sales than the guy hulking gala and Coke.

Reasons being that people will always believe that those gadgets you are selling at the points of traffic in town are probably fake or stolen.

You must figure out where your potential clients are and try to place your business right before their eyes. Even if you are a web-based business, location is still important because your customers don’t live inside a computer. Remember, they are real humans.

Location doesn’t have to have latitude and longitude coordinates either. It could be your search engine rankings on Google or an advertisement on an industry website.

Whatever it may be, just make sure your business is in the best and right location.

They are some businesses that just don’t fit a place and vice versa. Example,

Food is Ready business is almost good for every location but You can’t have a fashion boutique in a mechanic village and expect to do better than the ones in the main town.

2: You have to Stand Out From The Crowd: Do Your Business like a Prostitute

how to stand out

What do you usually see next to a stadium? You see shops selling football boots, jersey, socks, club equipment, sports equipment, fast food joint and probably drinking joint with cool music right?.

Once you find a good location for your business, competition will definitely fall in. It’s just a matter of time. There isn’t much you can do other than to differentiate yourself from the competition. This is what makes you unique and different from every other business in same niche as you.

Prostitutes also have this problem, which is why you usually don’t see just one of them. If they want to be successful, they have to stand out.

This is the reason why companies try to provide exceptional customer service, offer discounts and promotions, and, most importantly, try to create a personal touch. It’s the small things that make a really big difference, so don’t lose sight of them.

For example, In Abakaliki where i used to live, Crunchies is currently the best eatery after beating Mr Biggs, Citi Chef, Chi-exotic and so on because of their services.

Can i give you a little task to vert something regarding this From Abakaliki, Ebonyi State?.

Drive into any of the above beaten eateries and observe the way they serve their customers, then the next time go to crunches and see things for yourself, Starting from the gate upon driving in, the security guards there will welcome you, open the car door for you, greet you, and direct you towards the door. They will make you feel like a boss thereby boosting yourself esteem.

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So now who wouldn’t want to be treated like that? Everyone of course!

And that will make more people to prefer crunchies to any other eatery in town. Well, that’s by the way.

Google wasn’t the first search engine; it is the most popular because its search results are more relevant than other search engines’. Also take the case of TECNO products as a case study and how they started becoming very relevant that most Nigerian now prefer it instead of buying costly Samsung Android products.

3: Don’t Lose All Your money to Debtors: Do Your Business like a Prostitute

pay cash no credit

I’ve watched series of Videos on Social Media where a supposed prostitute is fighting with a client over bills not paid. That’s one thing they don’t joke with. So Slangs will say

“Money For Hand, Back for Ground”

This means you must pay before they give you the sex service you need.

If they do offer their service before collecting money, then, they will always have to fight with some clients to get their pay as not all the men coming have money to pay. They try all the possible best they can not to leave all their money in the hands of their clients who will possibly never pay them in the future.

In business, there are some casual customers and they are some that are seen as special. That is why you see bankers calling, visiting and caring for the rich and wealthy men that are banking with them. The difference is simple; the casual customer will pay you little and in most cases will never turn up again to do business with you while the special clients are those ones that are credit worthy.

You will find out that you are likely to make more money from the special clients and at the same time you are helping him grow his own business meanwhile you are not really making that much from the casual clients. When you decide to allow everybody owe you money, at some point, you will discover that your business will be left at the mercy of your debtors which is very bad for any business. All am saying here is very simple. Don’t let everyone that comes your way owe you especially when it comes to the capital of your business.

4: Supply Has to Meet Demand: Do Your Business like a Prostitute


Prostitutes are known to be masters of supply and demand. If they feel that a lot of people want their services, they simply jack up their rates. And if they feel very few people want their services, they reduce the cost of their service to increase demand.

If your product or service is on the side of increased or higher demand, it may not be wise for you to increase supply. You may be able to turn a higher profit if you increase your prices. And if you don’t have that great of a demand, it may be wiser for you to reduce your prices so you can sell more units instead of decreasing your output. For instance

When I was new to graphics design and printing services back in my school days, I used to find it difficult getting clients because most of the clients that will pay well were actually asking for samples, what I did was to start doing free design for my friends and got their feedback which I started using as my sample works. Now when meet a client who is not convinced, I simply show him my works will in turn gets me that conversion. These continued until I started getting call like

“Hello, is this GTGRAPHICS? I got your contact from a nice poster design I saw at so so place, in my friend’s phone, bla bla bla, I will love you to design something cool like that for me” this grew my online demand list for graphics that I have to increase my price for a good job.

Trust me, i made good money back then from Graphics design and printing. Its one of the things i did in school to make money.

5: Have a Clear Message: Do Your Business Like a Prostitute

sexy girl with pc

Sorry about the erogenous picture, it’s for the purpose of this topic.

If prostitutes didn’t make it clear with their half-naked clothes and actions that you could pay them for sex, no one would ever know that they were for hire. If they looked and behaved like nuns while standing on a street corner, they would all be broke.

You can be selling the best product or service, but unless you have a clear message, your upside potential is going to be limited. If messaging wasn’t important, it wouldn’t have a big impact on conversion rates.

If you are having trouble figuring out the right messaging for your business, consider surveying your customers. There is a reason why your satisfied customers are happy and why your unsatisfied customers are upset. You just have to figure out what makes customers happy and try to use messaging that appeals to those type of people so you can get more of them.

Tell your customers what they are buying and for service provided, tell your customers the type of service and the guarantee they will get for that particular service. For instance,

that i do graphics design does not mean I design all sorts, I don’t do 3D animations. Now you will know that if you ask me for an animation design, You expect to see 2D and not 3D and that will avoid getting clients that will give me a bad review, complains and returns.

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Prostitutes don’t just tell you that you can get sex for money. They tell you exactly what they are willing to do, the amount of time they’ll spend with you, and what it will cost you.

By being clear with your customers, you will have fewer complaints and returns. Deceiving your customers may make you a quick buck, but, in the long run, it will hurt your brand and cost you a lot more money unless you’re building a temporal brand.

Make sure and be very careful with the reason and why your customers are complaining about your company. Do regular review and spot all the bad loop holes before your customers reviews and place bad impression on people about you.

6: Account for the Unexpected: Do Your Business like a Prostitute

risk taking

This is where savings plays a vital role in your business. I suggest two options:

1: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket by having a second business

2: Save at least 10-29% of any income per month.

You can’t account for everything. It’s just impossible. For this reason, prostitutes tell their pimps where they are going to be. As an added measure of protection, they carry pepper spray or Taser.

Now, you probably won’t have violence issues with your company, but you could have lawsuits. Always have cash on reserve for the unexpected because things will always go wrong. Even the most successful entrepreneurs make mistakes. You just have to be prepared for them. And if you aren’t, make sure you can adapt quickly once any problem hits your business.

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7: It’s Easier to Upsell Than it is to Sell: Do Your Business like a Prostitute

selling and upselling

A prostitute knows that once she (or he) has some of your money, it’s a lot easier for her to get more out of you. At this point, you have more than shown that you like the services she is providing, which allows her to play off your emotions.

As a business, your primary goal is to get new customers to buy what you’re selling, right? Well, if your existing customers are happy, why not try to upsell to them? It’s a lot easier to get someone who has already paid you to give you more money than it is to get a random person to become your customer.

I believe another goo way of making your business grow is by drafting a good and helping means to make your existing customer pay of a new product. Before you try this method, make sure you are surely improving their lives and helping out solve the problem they are facing in a better, faster and easier way. After all the reason you are an entrepreneur is to find problem and get their solution down. You should figure out what other value added services or products you can provide to them.

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In a nut shell, I will conclude by saying Do Your Business like a Prostitute. Try to be the best you can be and be truthful in your business. Just because prostitution is illegal and looked down upon, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn from it. Knowledge is everywhere and we should all try to learn from things that people see as less important. Do Your Business like a whore and watch out for the good results. Prostitutes are Professional and that is why they are pro-business people

So, what do you think? Are there any other business-related tips we can learn from prostitutes? share your thoughts in the comment section.




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