How to Start Embroidery Business in Nigeria

How to Start Embroidery Business in Nigeria

Getting a business started is a sure way to financial buoyancy and history has shown that those who took the risk of starting their own business as against being underpaid by another person are the one who is rich.

If you have sewing skill that is good with stitching and fancy design, you need not wait any longer for you to launch your embroidery business. This type of business is easy to start with little start-up money and it’s very profitable.

Embroidery business requires creativity of usually gift items by cresting or sewing 2 or more alphabetic letters on top of the gift item.

The gift item could be Tee Shirt, Towel, Bags, Cups, Wedding Invites, Jackets and Caps etc. Plainly put, symbols are embroidered emblems on any of the listed gift items above.

Quickly let us look at 7 surefire tips needed to build your embroidery business from nothing to an empire within the short frame of time.

Embroidery Business in nigeria

A Preview of The Embroidery Business World

Embroidery technology has made it easy to venture into an embroidery business from home. This is possible because of the accessibility to necessary technology which reduces the time spent to embroider. Lots of embroider designs are on the internet available for purchase right from your computer! You only leave the comfort of your room when you need to get accessories and supplies.

A home embroidery business is an inventive way of making money very well if you have to stay at home or as a retiree.

There are lots of benefits about having a business at home:

  1. You set your own prices
  2. You can set your own hours
  3. You decide how much you spend
  4. You can develop your business and employ assistants or keep it small
  5. Make sure you engage in intensive research on handpicked embroidery market before you buy your first machine.
  6. There are associations you can enrol, shows you can attend and books to study.
  7. Know your target market and write a marketing and business plan
  8. The type of design you will be making will decide on your target market.
  9. When you’re ready to buy a machine, consider both used new options.

Most embroidery machines are connected to a computer and require some built-in software.  Ensure the machine you bought has an assurance in addition to training/support. Reason your production goals and the kinds of materials you will be making use of. Finally, the budget must be put into consideration. You can regularly purchase a home machine now and then later upgrade to a commercial machine later.

Starting an Embroidery – Sample Business Plan Template

Conduct Feasibility Studies

The next step is to accomplish your own feasibility studies so as to brainstorm on the method that can work in the particular area you wish to start the embroidery business.

There is no limit to your success in this type of business, conducting feasibility studies help to gather enough facts on the business and prepares you for any type of competition you are likely to face.

Be sure to conduct full feasibility studies before venturing into the business.

Acquire Embroidery Skill

For you to start an embroidery business, you need to acquire the skill if you want to manage it yourself.

But if you choose someone to manage the business, you needn’t acquire the skill.

The best thing to do is to make sure you learn the skill yourself so that the exit of a staff will not create a vacuum in the business. Find someone who will start as a mentor for you to acquire information on how best to run the business.

You can also register in a technical college to study how to do monograms.

Write Your Business Plans

After getting dexterous to conduct the feasibility studies and have learnt the skills, the next step is to write the business plan.

Just make sure that your business plans state how to get your startup capital, how to run your business, expansion plans, marketing plans and succession plan.

 The importance of the business plan is to provide a prototype for entrepreneurs to run their business. Someone once said to manage a business without a business plan is like conducting a business in the dark. Thus, be sure you have a working business plan in action before starting your embroidery business

Secure Your Work Station

For you to run embroidery business, you need a spacious office. Though it is possible to run the business from home there must be enough space to contain the business for it to be successful unless you want the business to be on a small scale.

For instance, if you obtain a contract with a sports club to assist them to design a monogram on basically all their sportswear, then you would definitely need enough storage space to store all the wears

When looking for a workstation for embroidery, it is in your best interest to look for a place that will contain your accessories and the machines and also, it will benefit you to have the business located in place memorable for printing and artworks.

Acquire Sewing and Embroidery Machines

Both sewing and embroidery machine are needed to launch your embroidery business.

Just make sure that you purchase a machine with very good output so that your designs will not be faulted. If you don’t have enough money to buy new embroidery machines and sewing machines, fairly used is not a bad option for you to start as long they will comfortably do the job.

Of a truth, it will save you cost and do the job efficiently before you get money to buy a new one.

Source for Customers

You need to source for customers after starting the embroidery business unless you don’t want to monetize and make a profit from your business. All you need to do to look for customers by going to a few places where you sort of know that monograms will be most needed.

You can advertise your products through the internet, through TV, radio and also through handbills and flyers. Also, you can advertise it to sports clubs, corporate organizations, local associations, event planners and individuals.

These are the necessary tips you need to start your embroidery business from nothing to something in the short frame of time.