The Basics For Starting a Small Business In Nigeria

Businesses start from ideas, but they do not just stop there. The idea has to transform into action to establish the foundation of a business and let it grow. There are numerous small businesses operating in the market. However, this is also a fact that only two-thirds of small businesses successfully retain their employees for two years or longer, and around 50% fail to survive within the first five years. Therefore, it might be helpful to keep some basics in mind when starting a small business.

How to Start a Small Business

Below are the steps to start a small business and become successful

A business plan

A simple business plan helps define the vision, mission, objective, and strategies of your business. It can also clarify what the business is aiming at and the purpose it is driven by. Aside from that, it also helps in determining the factors that can contribute in accomplishing the desired goals.
The administrative affairs of the business, the operating structure, finances, human resources infrastructure, are only to name a few things that may be considered while formulating a business plan. Keeping investments, in terms of time, efforts and resources, to a low from the beginning is a useful tip if the goal is to test the business idea first.


Research can help determine whether a business idea is feasible or not. It can provide answers to questions such as: Does it solve a problem? Does it fulfill a need? Is the business offering what the market requires? Research can also be useful to identify the target audience, competition, as well as act as a guiding tool, for business accounting needs or advice.


Capital is an essential requirement to start a small business. It is important to have the right amount of capital at hand in order to put the idea into action. Depending on the business and how it progresses, it can take time for profit to generate.
It can be helpful to determine it beforehand the expenses that might be involved in starting a small business. Employees, equipment, machinery, furniture, are some of the essential operational costs. Aside from that, you also need to invest in creating a comfortable office including greenery, to ensure a fresh and healthy workplace environment.

Naming the business

A name often plays a significant role in business success. A good, catchy name is a good way to appeal and attract your customers. However, it is also necessary to check and ensure that no other business is already registered with that name.

Choosing a location for the business

A business’ progress may also depend on its location. When choosing a location, it is significant to take equipment, space required, and the adequacy of space into account, if you are opting to make a permanent business settlement. However, this may not matter as much if there are plans for moving offices as you grow. you can read article on how to do business like a prostitute for more details on this.


Promoting your offerings and letting people know about the business is an essential requirement. Without compelling and targeted marketing strategies, a small business might not be able to perform at its best.


with these steps listed above you can start your small business and become successful. in case you don’t have business ideas, i published an article about how to find business ideas you should check it out. in my next article i will be sharing with us few business ideas that can turn us into a billionaire in Nigeria if only we see investors. subscribe so that you can get the update when i publish it.

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