5 Reasons You Should Invest in Agriculture

5 Reasons You Should Invest in Agriculture

The worlds market value for oil diminishes daily and smart countries are redirecting their interest to other beneficial ventures. Although Nigeria is not left out, most people still fail to see that Agriculture is the new oil.

Agriculture was the first boaster of Nigeria’s economy and it is still highly beneficial as long as we still have the abundance of land and consistent increase in participants, farmers.

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Why should you sew your seed into Agriculture? Here are 5 solid reasons.

You need to help the government 

Right now, with the hit of recession in Nigeria, it is crystal clear that oil can no longer serve our needs. Hence the Government call for more participants in the Agricultural sector and their readiness to help out by making Agricultural loans easier to obtain.

More participants means a boasts to the economy not just in Nigeria but Africa as a whole which will ensure a steady flow of revenue even if the price of oil remains low or oil itself goes extinct. There is a need for something to fall back on.

It is the new Gold for smart entrepreneurs

Agricultural produces are needed everywhere in the world, without saying much, it is enough reason you should invest in agriculture. Without them, Government can not sustain itself, countries can not feed, and people will die. It is important to have a good market research and know what is making it now. Identifying a profitable Agricultural niche will generate more income than you could ever imagine.

Source of employment

Agriculture is one sectors which employs a lot of hands. With the investing in Agriculture and calling of workers, unemployment in Nigeria will reduce drastically and people can actually earn something better.

Food food food

Be it large or small-scale farming, you will never go hungry. And we all know that food is important. You will also get a chance to produce for the great population of Nigeria.

Land Appreciation

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In Agriculture, there is a no loss formula because as the years progress, the net worth of your land which is being used for farming increases.