How To Handle Unreasonable And Picky Clients In Nigeria

How To Handle Unreasonable And Picky Clients In Nigeria

The base of any business is the customers they can attract. Most times, you attract customers because of your superb customer service. Some other time, you attract them with a relatively low cost of your products. However, you will need to know how to handle unreasonable and picky clients.

The essence of this is that not everybody will give you the same response. So, what do you do handle such situations? You should always be prepared for such eventualities. The knowledge of how to deal with clients in business or how to deal with clients effectively will help you handle your business better.

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There is nothing wrong with delivering standard services to your clients but you be prepared and understand how to deal with picky clients.

Here is a question for you; how would you respond to customer demands that were clearly unreasonable?

This article will expose you to how to deal with difficult clients, how to deal with irrational clients, how to deal with a client who has unrealistic expectations and how to deal with annoying customers.

The truth is that you will definitely encounter clients and customers who fall within this category.

Let us get on with it. Here are tips on how to handle unreasonable and picky clients.

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Tips On How To Handle Unreasonable And Picky Clients In Nigeria

handle unreasonable and picky clients

  1. Screen them carefully

Prevention they say is better than cure. The best way to avoid dealing with difficult customers, especially if you run a service-based business, is to avoid them. To avoid them will require that you are always on alert and you will be able to detect them early.

All you need to do when you want to handle unreasonable and picky clients is to carry out a thorough and careful screening of your potential customers and clients. It is true that some people are good at hiding their true nature but you can spot picky clients after your first discussion.

To do this will require that carry out careful interrogation before accepting the client.

  1. Get their expectations in writing

Because you must be presented with situations that dealing with challenging customers or dealing with angry customers or managing difficult clients or dealing with irate customers becomes inevitable, you should be prepared by getting their expectations in writing.

The moment you have decided to work with someone, it will be best if you put all their expectations in writing. You can use as Statement of Work (SOW) which describes the work to be performed, the time frame and the price. In doing this, you will learn about your client and know how to handle them.

  1. Push back when necessary

There might come a time when you need to assert yourself. The customers are always right doesn’t mean you should take every nonsense. This is even more pronounced when you are running a service-based business.

One of the ways to handle unreasonable and picky clients is to know when to assert yourself and when to let them win. You may need to set the tune to avoid lack of productivity on your part as the business owner.

  1. Recognize when to cut ties

One great attribute of businessmen and entrepreneurs that has kept them going and has enabled them to handle unreasonable and picky clients is that they know when to cut ties and when to maintain ties.

It is important that you realize that sometimes you both agree to part ways but sometimes, the client becomes so unreasonable that may need to decide not to work with the person again.

The essence of doing this is to maintain your professional reputation.  You should also endeavor to give a good time notice to be able to fulfill all righteousness.

There are so many forms of difficult clients but the picky and unreasonable ones are the real assholes. They can mess up your reputation and your business without even blinking.