How To Start A Lucrative Computer Training Center Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Lucrative Computer Training Center Business In Nigeria

Have ever stopped to ask why people start a computer training center business? Interestingly, despite the heavy need for the use of computers, a good number of people still do not know how to use the computer effectively. The computers are technically built around the binary system. So, to use them you have to possess the right technical skills and knowledge.

In as much as its factual that some people do not need to be taught these computer skills as they can just grab the manual and educate themselves effectively, there are some other people out there who are not as smart and may not be able to help themselves out that way.

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It’s on this ground that you can step in to bridge the gap by establishing a computer training center business.

The computer training center business is a lucrative business if you do it right. This article will serve to provide you with the right skills to get your computer training business started on the right footing. If you wish to go into this line of business, then you should be able to read this article until the end. Be assured that you will be exposed to time-tested skills here. Happy reading!

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Why Starting a Computer Training Center Business is a Lucrative Venture

  1. Computer knowledge is a basic requirement to find a job in any industry in the world today. It would be considered unprofessional or even shameful to admit that you do not know how to use a computer to your prospective employers. Even if the job advert does not contain computer skill as a requirement, you should be aware that it’s always required as no business or agency can operate without the computer and internet right now. The need for this skill will always be there.
  2. Students are constantly using the computer for assignments, research, typing, and all other school-related work.Maybe I was talking about not getting a good job without knowing how to use a computer when I should have first stated that you cannot pass through school either.
  3. The world is transiting to the digit, hence, going digital. Companies that used the manual system of operation or recording information are converting to computerized systems and this may cause staff that is not compliant to be booted out. So, in order to still retain their jobs, the employees are attending computer training centers to acquire computer skills.
  4. Most examination bodies now use the computer-based testing (CBT) testing system. To take part in their exams, you have to be computer savvy.
  5. Some companies purchase required software packages to improve their operations and service from time to time and they need people who would train their staff to use them.

I hope the above points have done their job by educating you on why you should establish a computer training business. Now continue reading as I guide you on the steps to take towards starting this business in a profitable manner -:

5 Profitable Ways to Start a Computer Training Centre Business

computer training center business

  • Virtual Training Center

In this type of computer training center business, you train people over the internet. You can train people anywhere in the world over the internet.

  • Home-Based Training Center

This is a one-on-one training where you visit people in their homes to train them on the usage of the computer. You don’t need to rent a center in this kind of business as you can easily work from home by keeping your devices at home.

You would work with corporate clients to help them train their staff on how to use the computer for specific company operations.

Another computer training center business model involves teaching people how to use specific software. You can even build your own software and then make money from training people on how to use them.

  • Selling of Training Materials

If you cannot afford to open a computer training center, a good way to start this business is by selling computer training books and materials online or off the internet for a start.

You need the following skills to run a profitable computer center business

3 Skills You Need to Run a Computer Training Center Business

  • Knowledge of computers

You must have some in-depth knowledge of computer software and hardware, programs, applications, and tools in order to be able to train people in this line effectively.

  • Public Speaking Skills

The difference between whether your students would doze off halfway into the class or listen carefully and understand you is in your public speaking skills. You must be able to offer adequate explanations and practical demonstrations to ensure that your students gain something from each lesson you offer.

  • Leadership and Coordination skills

You must also be a good leader and be able to coordinate your staff, students and every other person that would be working for you.

Take the following steps to start a successful computer training center business -:

6 Steps to Starting a Computer Training Center Business

  1. Purchase the required equipment

The equipment you need to start computer training center business does not cost a fortune. They are less expensive ones. Some of them include:

  • Computers (Do well to buy up to date ones)
  • Software
  • Tables
  • Computer desks
  • Chairs
  • Books
  • Internet connection
  • Business cards
  • An office space or a home office depending on the business model you choose
  1. Choose a location

Endeavor to choose a location with so much human traffic. It may be close to a higher institution, a popular business district where there are a lot of companies and people. The location of this business depends on the type you operate.

If it’s an online center, then you only need an internet connection and not a physical location. With that, you can work from anywhere even the comfort of your home.

  1. Hire staff

Do hire other skilled operators to assist you in training your students if they are too many. Ensure to hire very skilled people who can also teach properly as part of the job is being able to teach others.

4. Get your Business Registered

Register your business with the corporate affairs commission in the country. This is vital for you because of the type of clients you will attract, especially the corporate ones.Though the private individuals may not require your business incorporation, the corporate ones will always. Do well to register your liquid air freshener production business so as not to limit your clientele base and also to operate legally.

5. Arrange for certificates

As this is a formal training, you should be able to issue certificates at the end of grandaunts. This should be after testing and finding them worthy. This means that you should be able to design your own examination system to be able to ascertain that a student has learned what he should, and also provide him with a certificate after completing his learning schedule successfully.

  1. Marketing

You should be able to market your computer training center business in a couple of ways which include over the internet, in newspapers and magazines and through flyers. You should also send proposal letters to corporate entities to inform them of the services you offer and how they can benefit from them. This can attract their interest towards your business.