How To Convert Your Freelance Hobby Into A Viable Business

How To Convert Your Freelance Hobby Into A Viable Business

There I a forecast by oDesk platform that its online work market will be worth about $5million by the end of 2018. oDesk company is a freelance platform. This shows that the freelance industry is paying off. You can see the opportunities open to you and convert your freelance hobby into a viable business.

Cases abound where people have turned their hobbies into a business. It makes you do business with ease. There are so many entrepreneurs who turned hobbies into million dollar businesses.

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We can speak of hobbies in terms of your passion for a particular thing. There are freelance writers, bloggers, vloggers, and other hobbies. If you are in any of the above categories, you should think of how to convert your freelance hobby into a viable business. It is important you do that.

We are going to show you how to achieve this end and it won’t be very difficult. All you will need is to be strategic about it because that your freelance hobby could be your point of elevation.

Tips On How To Convert Your Freelance Hobby Into A Viable Business

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  1. You need to define your strategy

To convert your freelance hobby into a viable business, you will need a strategy. You know that strategy is crucial to the survival of the entrepreneur in any sphere of endeavor.

Those things that you do are moved by certain factors. You will need a good strategy to be able to make those things worthy of raising money for you.

There are certain questions that will have implications for your freelance strategy. You need to find out what makes you different and what skills you possess that people will give you money for.

You will need to be ready by getting down to the specifics and getting better at what you do. It may be your hobby but it is not open to only you. There are others who do it and they spend a lot of energy getting better at it. To make it big with your hobby in business, you just need to bring on the right strategy.

  1. Make your freelance profiles better and optimized

There are sites that are made specifically for companies and individuals looking for the services of freelancers. oDesk and Elance are great examples of such companies. You need to make your profiles as attractive as possible. Businesses and blogs optimize their services on Google, you will need to optimize your profile by building out a standard virtual resume.

You will need to fill out certain sections with care if you are dealing with any freelance companies. You will need to handle your profile overview, portfolio, employment history, and education. This will enable you land clients easily.

  1. Increase your prospecting

If you want to convert your freelance hobby into a viable business, you will need a good number of clients and customers. To get these clients, you will need to up your prospecting game. You will need more people that can convert into sales.

To achieve the above objective, you will need a plan. You should bear in mind that if there are more jobs that fit into your skill set, you will most likely get more interviews and more conversions.

The prospective clients with a better disposition to spending money online should be considered ahead of other clients and should be focused on.

You may not always get conversions all the time but you will get conversions some of the time and that should be all the encouragement you need.

  1. Send personalized cover letters

The impression you leave on your prospects can be the thing that brings the deal home. Therefore, try to put a personal touch to your prospecting and customer/client communication. You should try to customize the communication as it shows how interested you are.

You will need to research the companies you want to work with and find out its needs, just be savvy about the whole thing and you will always have a chance.

  1. Be wary of non-profitable projects

One mistake freelancers make in this age is pursuing projects not worth their time. It is quite appalling but true nonetheless. The Fiverr effect is the major contributing factor to this trend.

When you expend energy and time pursuing projects not worth your time, you leave projects that could lead to huge conversions without proper attention. This has a way of coming back to hurt you because you will burn out and it will just remain an unprofitable freelance hobby.

In conclusion, freelancing offers the kind of freedom other businesses and jobs may not. You will decide what you want to use it for. If you will consider a way to convert your freelance hobby into a viable business, you will need to follow this process.