5 Ways You Can Find Your Brand’s Voice In Nigeria

5 Ways You Can Find Your Brand’s Voice In Nigeria

Your ability to find your brand’s voice in Nigeria is very important for your own uniqueness and peculiar way of doing business.

Many brands find their way into the market and then to the customers. If your brand doesn’t have a voice of its own, then you better not have a brand at all.

This is because, without a voice, your brand is not different from the myriads of other brands that flood the market environment on a daily basis.

When your brand has a voice, it will be able to stand out from the competition. You must find your brand’s voice because that’s the only way for you to connect with the customers.

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One of the very first things to do in the process of identifying your brand’s voice is to first locate the particular group of people that you are interested in speaking.

If you have more than one target audience, then you have to select some individual from each segment of your core target audience.

When you must have identified the particular language of your group of the target audience, then you must make brand’s voice to echo the language of your target audience.

You must understand what each segment of your target think about your company, and also what they expect from it too. Without a particular voice, your brand is lost in the competition.

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You should know that no one way can lead to you identifying your brand’s voice, but you can follow these steps itemized in this article.

They will greatly help you to discover your brand’s voice in Nigeria.

Ways To Find Your Brand’s Voice In Nigeria

find your brand’s voice

  1. Your brand should have a personality

In order for you to find your brand’s voice in Nigeria, you must see your brand as an actual person.

When you see your brand as an individual, it is now left for you to decide if this “individual” is old, young, funny, serious etc.

Your brand must have an attitude of its own. The social media now afford you the opportunity to directly speak with your customers on a very large scale.

If ever hope to see your brand have a voice, see it as an actual person.

  1. Find something special to qualify your brand

You must be able to find suitable adjectives to qualify your brand. You can start tasking your team to come up with adjectives that they think best describe your brand.

You can select among these adjectives as a starting point for your brand’s voice. For the voice of your brand to stand to stand out of the competition, it has to be specific and unique as well as direct.

  1. Identify with your target audience

    find your brand’s voice

Find out where your target audience spends most of their time, and then understand the language they use to interact and communicate with each other.

You must try as much as possible to speak in the same language with their manner of communication. Be careful not to copy them too much else you lose your authenticity.

  1. Have a respected spokesperson

Having someone that is well respected and adored by the society as your spokesperson is one quick way to have a very peculiar brand voice.

Celebrities, clergies, professionals can all serve as spokespersons to give your brand an identifiable voice in the competition.

You must be very careful about who you choose as your spokesperson because that spokesperson becomes the personality of your brand.

When you choose a comedian, you want your customers to see you as their funny friend that makes them happy; such applies to any other spokesperson that you choose.

This is one sure way to find your brand’s voice in Nigeria.

  1. Run the chosen brand ‘s voice through people

After you must have identified the voice of your brand, make sure to run it through some knowledgeable individuals so as to ascertain whether it is the very best or no.

Anything less than the best brand voice is unacceptable.  You must sure to be consistent with your brand because consistency is the key in this business.

It is your voice that makes your customers identify your brand from other noisy competitors.