5 Ways To Increase Your Income

Working on a 9-5 platform is a good way to start your career but the income on that platform may not be as much as anticipated. What if i told you that there are ways to increase your chances of receiving more income.

Reducing the rate at which expenses are being made can help you with your income in terms of debt management and other financial factors but what if i told you that most of the times it doesn’t just cut it.

You can still experience a stagnant flow of income or a declining one but in this post i’m going to give you 7 ways to increase your income.

  1. Engage in sales

There is no how you have been in this world without visiting a store, at least even if it’s a little kiosk or even in movies.

You have definitely seen the prices of a number of products even if it’s a rough idea. You could even use an online store like jumia, eBay and the likes to know the rough prices of some products.

You can leverage some sales platforms like “offer up ” and create an account on that platform in which you can sell products on at regular prices but make them unique at the same time.

While doing that be aware of the charges you will be incurring as a result of the services you are receiving on those platforms such as shipping costs, commissions in percentage terms and so on.

  1. Be a tutor

For a full time worker, being a tutor might just be what you need to increase your income. Take an example of a chemist that works in the lab and has friends im other departments of the same organization,  you can meet up with ypur friends and ask of you can take their kids tutorials on chemistry and biology at a price.

Due to the duration of work, an appropriate time can be scheduled for class and while you are at it you can get additional cash which  will then increase your income.

  1. Be a freelancer

One of the ways to e as rn more money is by being a freelancer.

To get this done you need to have an area of specialty or interest then utilize it by looking for every opportunity therein and leveraging on them

The most common type of freelancing is being a writer, this set of people actually earn a lot if not more than those earning salaries.

Places like upwork, Fiverr, 99designs and many more.

  1. Driving

This side job is another way of earning a lot and also increasing your income, you can apply to Uber to become a driver and fulfilling all their requirements to be able to get on board.

Some of the requirements are based on age both on the driver and on the car and also the state of health of the car.

  1. Go and negotiate

Most 9-5 workers do not earn what they worth and it actually hampers their focus and dedication to any given task.

Having a situation similar to that, you can actually walk up to your boss and negotiate with him or her for a raise in your salary but go there with a review showing how well you did beyond where you were meant to have stopped.

You can also come up with an idea and ask your boss for an increase in your salary if they want you to help explain that idea that will take the business forward.

Whenever you do that, don’t do it incessantly but try and take sometime off before you go again and make sure you are justifying an y increase with the best review and idea.

Written by Komolafe Oluwatimileyin of LatestMata.



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