Sumobank Savings And Investment Platform In Nigeria: The Story Behind Sumobank

Sumobank Savings And Investment Platform In Nigeria: The Story Behind Sumobank

We all love good stories. Damn, I love good stories. It was no joke that I was the best student in Literature in my time and amongst my set in one school like that. Well, technically speaking, I was the best. But I don’t know how to tell stories; I just love reading them, placing myself in the setting and creating a mental picture of how I want it to end.

I was there when Julius Caesar was murdered; I was there when Macbeth Murdered sleep; when Okonkwo hanged himself and when so many things you know about today happened. Remember, I’m a magician, I could travel through time.

Despite all this knowledge, I still don’t know how to tell stories but I’m a magician, an artist, and a businessman. Stay with me and I will show you the wonders of ideas, the place of critical thinking and the need to use these to create a better life for yourself.

There is this saying that greater than the force of a mighty army is an idea whose time has come. This story is about an idea whose time has come; an idea which will take Nigeria by storm, an idea capable of creating many millionaires.

This story is about Sumobank savings and investment platform. Have you heard of that? Probably. The adverts are everywhere. But like the bible said, some will see and will not understand. Well, I’m here to make sure that as you see, you understand.

Before my story, I want to tell you about Sumobank savings and investment platform. Don’t worry, it is just a diversion. The real sauce is my story. Wait for it. Don’t go anywhere.

sumobank savings and investment platform

What Is Sumobank Savings And Investment Platform

I promise not to make this too Techy after all, sumobank savings and investment platform was built on the foundation of easy access. If not, we would have done cryptocurrency. But today is not about that.

At every point in our lives, we have always heard of the need to save. I have done a couple of articles on why you should save. You can check this one out.

Sumobank savings and investment platform is a Finetech platform that allows you to save without stress and promises better interest rates than the normal banks. Imagine the possibility of saving your money from the comfort of your home and at the frequency you want it. Doesn’t it look great?

Sumobank also offers you access to the biggest online business academy in Nigeria.  It is only possible because of the partnership it has with Entrepreneur Platform. Now you won’t have to pay the price for using this academy. Trust me, it always comes at a high price. For the opportunity to work with seasoned and successful entrepreneurs in every field, I did pay anything.

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Sumobank is an online platform that allows you to make financial transactions without having to resort to traditional banking institutions. There are three types of savings in Sumobank. The essence of having the three is to ensure that at least one works for you. They are as follows;

  • Autosave:

This is actually my best feature. It saves me the stress of having to log in to my account every day to deposit money. It just debits me every day by 10 am.

Autosave allows you to save money without stress. All you need to do is set your account and the frequency of the withdrawal. The minimum for daily savings is 100 naira, weekly saving is 1,000 naira while monthly savings minimum is 5,000 naira.

Once your card is connected, you can pick the one you like. It is that simple.

  • Instant save

Instant save allows you to save whenever you like. If you cannot control the frequency of your earnings, this is a better option. The only difference is that you will manually log in to your account whenever you want to pay in money and make the deposits that you want.

You can deposit any amount you want at any time.

For autosave and instant save features, sumobank savings, and investment platform offers 10% interest. That has to mean something. Again, you are given three free withdrawal days in a year. If you withdraw on any date that is not a free withdrawal date, you will be charged 4.5% of the amount you are withdrawing.

  • Fixed saving

If you have funds you can lock away for a year, this is the option you should use. You know why? I will tell you.

Fixed saving gives you a whopping 15% interest rate. That is huge. If you lock away 1 million naira, you would have made 150,000 naira in a year. That is amazing.

Don’t forget that you will still be charged 4.5% of your money if you withdraw before the withdrawal dates.

Well, that is enough about sumobank and how to actually use it. Let us get back to the story and trust me; you will read this again if you get the story right. Unfortunately, I’m not a storyteller, just a magician. Let us see how much magic we can do today. Stay with me.

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sumobank savings and investment platform

The Story of Sumobank

The CEO of sumobank, GT Igwe Chrisent told the story of sumobank on his birthday and official alpha release cum launching date of sumobank. It was captivating. For those who love stories, you can read it here.

But today, it is a different kind of story that I want to tell. A story of survival, perseverance, and success in the midst of uncertainties.

It was in 2011, I had just finished burying my dad and gotten admission to study political science at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. For those who know me personally, I do not have that classic background that allows you to make mistakes and be forgiven. I was born with a rubber spoon and I have known hard times. Every opportunity was viewed as golden and it is a capital crime to misuse opportunities.

So I got into the university with a different purpose; everything was dependent on the outcome of my studies. I was foolish but in my foolishness, I learned wisdom. This is not a story of my days in school. You will have to get my autobiography to view that.

One of the best decisions I made as a student was to discern between people that offered the right way out and the people that could drag me down. I avoided certain kinds of people. I was viewed as a Jew man and I loved it. When people underrate me, I excel.

When we graduated, one of my course mates told me he could vow that I never drank alcohol as a student and I never had sex. I was that low key. If only he knew how dangerously discreet I was as a student. Only earthmen can explain.

Now, as a student, I kept in touch with the CEO of sumobank. I could travel to Abakaliki and spend some days in my sister’s house just to get the opportunity to work some things out with him. I knew he was someone I could bank on for success.

Fast forward to 2017, we were done with service and the nibbling thought of what next would have kept me restless if we had not believed that the only way forward was entrepreneurship. We started the Entrepreneur Platform and the rest is no news to the public.

Remember, this story is about telling how ideas could make you become better than you were. Ideas rule the world. Entrepreneur Platform ( has undergone two metamorphoses. It has gone from being a blog to becoming a major business hub in Nigeria.

We had just come up with the idea of building Maxibu. The plan was already in place but we needed funds. Cryptocurrency was meant to solve that problem but it didn’t. We needed a way out. Damn, that GT guy is filled with ideas. I’m happy to be part of the execution of these ideas.

We needed money to execute projects, we had to raise it. Going to investors was not part of the deal. Sumobank came as a solution to that. If people are finding it difficult to save, why not help them out. Why not make a difference in the financial education of the Nigerian people. Why not become the reason people become less dependent on the government. And here we are.

Sumobank is fully Functional and if you don’t save, you will hear stories of the successes recorded by people that saved. The choice is actually yours. But if I were you, I would save. Winter is coming bro.

We are all players in this world. Which part would you like to play? Would you want to be in the spectators’ stand or would you be in the ring? This is sumobank, it is for financial warriors. Are you one? I’m watching you.

sumobank savings and investment platform

What next?

You just have to get an account with sumobank today. It is as simple as that. Get up, get an account and start saving.

To create a free sumobank account, click on the link below and start the process.

Register here

You will also need to connect your card and start saving after registering. You can be guided by this link in connecting your card.

The platform has an active support system which means that you can always reach out to them for guidance. I can also personally guide you on how to go through the process. All you need to is call or chat me up on 07032096140.

Oh! I left something out. I left the best for the last. Check it out.

Sumobank Affiliate Program

You can make money from sumobank from getting people to register with the platform. It is quite simple. Sumobank pays 600 per successful referral. By successful referral, the person you are referring has to save at least 7500. This is doable.

So, when you register with the link above, go to the affiliate program and copy your link. Market the link and get people to register with the link and you will make money. Someone withdrew 40k early this month. You can do better.

Good luck




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