8 Things You Must Know Before Going For A Job Interview To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired

8 Things You Must Know Before Going For A Job Interview

To our valued readers and visitors, this post covers all the most essential tips you must know before going for a job interview guaranteed to improve your chances of getting that dream job.

We all know that getting a job is an event that takes place at some time in our lives. Your job was to get a job, an interview is a chance for you to prove that you are worthy of that job.

Over the years, job interviews have never been easy. If you have gone for several interviews before, the experience might help a little but in most cases, it doesn’t because in every interview, you are meeting a whole new set of people with different strategies, method and system of grading a potential employee.

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Below are some very essential tips to get you better prepared and also to improve your performance at the interview.

  1. Prepare:

Before going for any job interview, it is recommended you carry out a little research on the company you are applying too and be fully ready to answer basic questions about the company.

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  1. Rehearse:

Practice answering interview questions, how you will explain your skills and back up your credentials. I suggest you practice with a friend or family member any mockup questions the employer will likely ask and also have your responses to likely questions already prepared.

  1. Be Punctual:

On the day of the interview, it’s best to arrive 10-20 minutes ahead of the given time. This not only portrays you as a punctual potential employee, but it will also help you get used to the environment and help you stay relaxed. It’s also recommended that you pay a visit to the venue a day before.

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  1. Go with Copies of Your Credentials:

Don’t ever forget/ignore/neglect this aspect. It is advisable to even go with original copies if necessary. Also make sure you go with copies of your resume too. Depending on the field, some photographs might be necessary but avoid showing off too much photographs because your employer might not be interested. I advise you keep your photos unless you are asked.

  1. What to Wear:

It is very essential to make a great first impression. You are already being judged from your appearance before you utter a single word so make sure you are dressed in appropriate attire, make sure your accessories/make -up are subtle and not too loud. shoes should be polished, fingernails and hair should also be well kept. Your outfit should be professional.

  1. Be Confident & Stay Calm:

Greet your interviewers with the appropriate salutation, keep a smile on your face, also try as much as you can to appear calm and confident. In the event of handshakes, make it firm and masculine/feminine depending on genders but make sure you avoid amateur/bone-crushing handshakes.

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  1. Listen More, Say Only What You Must:

Listen very carefully to the interviewer and don’t interrupt the interviewer while he is talking. Listen very closely to the question to avoid making the interviewer repeat the question. Keep your answers short and straight to the point. No unnecessary words only if you feel it’s necessary. For example, if the interviewer remains silent after you’ve made your point, it’s okay to add one or two things to drive your point home. But make sure to avoid over emphasizing on yourself because this might trigger the interviewer/employee to wonder if you had such attributes why aren’t you employed already or why you left your former job/got fired so make sure to keep it short and straight to the point.

  1. Show Gratitude & Appreciation.

At the end of the interview, it is important to follow up with a thank you note or email even after saying thank you to the interviewer and shaking hands. When following up with a thank you, its acceptable to reiterate your interest in the job position and why you should be accepted but make sure you remember to thank your employer for granting you an interview in the first place and also for the time they spent with you. I believe this final tip is the most important of all because it will go a very long way in improving your chances in getting the job. Even if you went for multiple interview, take time to follow up with a thank you to each of them.

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