How to Become a Popular Fashion Model in Nigeria

How to Become a Popular Fashion Model in Nigeria

Fashion modeling is the most lucrative of all categories of modeling. This is the more reason why people are always rushing in thereby making the market very competitive. You too can join up and become a popular fashion model in Nigeria.

It’s a lifetime experience for ladies to hit the runway to showcase their hourglass shapes and well-perfected curves with diverse cameras clicking at them and the standing ovation from the audience.

This category of modeling has been made popular in Nigeria since Miss Agbani Darego of Nigeria won the miss world title in 2001, being the first lady to achieve such feat in sub-Saharan Africa. Since then, it has become a profession to many ladies in the country.

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Many have traveled any of both ways to becoming fashion models. Some are self-made who became fashion icons through dieting, watching their weights, and fitness activities. Others get enrolled in organizations that mold and transform models to international status.

Though some parts of the country still detest the act of modeling on religious grounds, some others have made a name from it, the latest being olajumoke the bread seller turned model.

For those who wish to make it in this industry, who think they have all it takes to be successful model icons, this article serves to give you all the viable tips you need to succeed. All you need to do is to go through this piece attentively and become a popular fashion model in Nigeria.

Tips On How To Become A Popular Fashion Model In Nigeria

  1. Take care of your body

This is the first rule to being a popular fashion model because modeling is a career that revolves around your body. What makes a model is how stunning and attractive she looks in that attire. For you to look good in an attire, your body must also look good. To take care of your body, you must take three things seriously- feeding, cosmetics, and exercises.

You have to watch what you eat so as not to get out of shape. Heavy foods like Eba, Fufu, Ewedu and the rest are fat inducers. They can get you out of shape. Endeavor to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, drink water and juice often because they help the body systems function properly. Also do well to make a decent and healthy meal timetable for yourself.

More so, to become a popular fashion model, you need to take good care of your hair and skin. Make sure you apply the right cosmetics and hair ointments. They help give your skin a good and attractive tone while giving your hair a fresh look. Also do exercise your body regularly. Dress well and decently too. Exercises help keep your body in shape and always attractive. You can always attend a gym class every other weekend.

  1. Know yourself and don’t be shy

In order to have a successful career as a popular fashion model, you have to imbibe that attribute of boldness. This is because, as a model, you are always facing the crowd and the camera. So you need some boldness to confront both the camera and the crowd.

You must learn how to face the crowd, speak to them convincingly and catwalk on the runway to showcase the works of some designers who contracted an agency that you will model for. Also, Work on your speech ability; be polite; truthful; you should know your measurements (height, shoe sizes, dress size, hip, waist, hair color, and weight) and use of English Language.

You also need some ingenuity and innovativeness to always improve on your stage performance. This will always set you apart in the industry and make you a success.

  1. Take pictures often and give your agent

To become a popular fashion model, you have to show off. Modeling is a career of showing off, so you need to always show off. You need to constantly take pictures that you can use to advertise yourself. You can hire professional photographers to do the job for you.

You can give these pictures to your agent to help sell you to model agencies. If you can afford to have an agent, get one, give them your pictures and discuss their terms of payment. But never sign any contract without your agent’s consent.

Also, snap without wearing makeup – most agencies do not allow fashion model wannabes to wear makeup when they are being auditioned. Ensure to keep all your pictures. Have a photo album where you save all your pictures and ensure to have them on your mobile devices in case an opportunity presents itself.

  1. Learn more about the industry

One great way of going about your desired career- whether modeling or not- is to research and know more about the career and trying to borrow a leaf from successful people in the career. Always read about people who have made a great success out of modeling and find out how they did it so that you can follow their footsteps.

Always Read articles, blogs, magazines, and books on modeling. Research about renowned modeling agencies over the internet and visit them for insight. This can help inspire you. Also, do pay deserved attention to this article because it will help inspire and guide you find your feet in the modeling industry.

  1. Join a Fashion agency

After being convinced that you have all it takes to cut out a decent career in the fashion modeling industry and a become a popular fashion model in Nigeria, the next viable step to take is to join a model agency for professional training and the chance to showcase yourself to the world.

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The agencies are going to allow you showcase yourself when they win a contract. Most importantly, these agencies will help you hone your skills professionally as most of them are run by retired modeling professionals. Some notable model agencies in Nigeria include SilverBird Group, Ashby International Modeling, Twins Talent Agency, Model Mart Management,

Model Infinity, Panache, and so many others.

Do well to visit any of these agencies today and present your hot pictures to them. Some of them may require that you make poses for a headshot and do some catwalk. Note that you are not always guaranteed of being picked. If most agencies reject you, don’t be discouraged, keep trying.

Always remember that the popular American model, Tyra Banks was rejected by four agencies, and was considered an “ugly duckling”. She ended up a successful model and runs the popular show, America’s Next Top Models, where she discovers talented model wannabes.

With the above guide, you can build a successful career in the Nigerian model industry.

All you need is make a step today by paying a visit to a fashion model agency in Nigeria and you can be on your way to becoming a popular fashion model. Do well to avail yourself of this opportunity in Nigeria as fashion modeling is getting more popular in the country and is set to last for a long while. It’s an industry for the future. Make this choice today if you are between the ages of 18 years and 28 years.