Travel Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria

Expatriates who have come to work in Nigeria from abroad are mostly covered by global travel health insurance companies. These Insurance firms that offer travel health insurance services are not much.

However, with upgraded global businesses and stable economic growth, this is self-assured to transform over time especially with the increase in the number of the business traveler.

The travel health insurance

Companies that offer travel health insurance in Nigeria:

  1. AIICO

This travel health insurance firm has an affiliation with Chartis. Chartis is a South African company with their main objective is to providing diverse covers for you. AIICO offers travel health insurance cover whenever a person is traveling to Schengen areas Such as USA and Canada. Some of these items it covers in its travel health insurance are deportation of corpse and treatment of sudden sickness while on your trip.

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  1. IGI international travel health insurance

This firm offers one of the most travel health insurance in Nigeria that is very affordable, reliable and comprehensive. Some of the travel health services that they include; return of dead bodies and emergency health costs sustained while on the trip. They give international cover in all the countries of the world with the addition of the Schengen countries, USA and Canada.

  1. Zenith insurance

They are one of the of the finest health insurance firms in Nigeria. They offer explicit facilities to their globally. It doesn’t matter which part of the world they are traveling to, you just need to be covered. Its travel health services include medical evacuation, ambulance transportation, hospitalization etc.

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  1. AXA Mansard

This is an international health insurance company and therefore provides its services in several countries. This insurance firm has a very good travel health insurance package that covers other things that many of the Nigerian travel health insurance firms don’t cover. Their insurance services include medical expenses and repatriation of mortal remains etc.

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  1. Cornerstone insurance

Either you are going overseas or inside the country. This insurance company provides health insurance care packages for you. It takes care of your emergency medical treatments, medical evacuations, and transportation of mortal remains to designated areas.

  1. Mutual Benefits Assurance

They have a health insurance policy that is called Visitor’s insurance program (VIP). This Company covers people who are traveling to Schengen regions and outside the country.

  1. Leadway travel insurance

Lead Way Insurance has over 45 years of operation. They are among the top insurance companies in Nigeria. It renders travel health insurance plans to people traveling all around the world and the Schengen countries. Services rendered include health emergencies and the return of corpse.