Press Release: E-Lite Statecraft Africa International Economic Development Conference by Otubo Victor Ogemdi

Press Release:

In September 2016, the STAND (States And Nations Development) organization embarked on an economic development research titled STATECRAFT – How Great Economies Are Made. The purpose of the research was to distill the principles applied by some previously dubbed “3rd World” nations, who have gone on to becoming global economic giants within a span of five decades or less. Much interest was also on the long established economic powers of the world, especially on how they have sustained growth and relevance, against all odds for numerous decades.

ELite Statecraft Africa International Economic Development Conference

The outcome of the research by August, 2018, was revealing and practical, that the true role of government, in economic development, is to provide strong “institutions” and a favorable “environment” that;

  1. inspires the citizenry to attempt ideas and to thrive with their ingenuity
  2. attracts the respect of the international community and their willingness to do business with the nation and its people

Going further on our quest, we discovered that in some nations with negligent leadership, some individuals and private organizations remained resolute to building a global brand and when this became a culture and thrived among more of the people, it was not long, private institutions became strong enough to challenge irresponsible national leadership and got their nations on track, achieving visible development. This was the birth of e-LITE.

We discovered that such nations thrived, by private individuals and organizations, building solid cultures and institutions around the five elements of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Innovation, Technology and Education (e-LITE).

In our capacity as an organization we have decided to annually take the e-LITE training across African nations starting with Nigeria, inspiring and training at least 1000 young individuals on practical keys to success in these 5 areas.

The e-LITE 2019 is the maiden edition of the event and will be happening at one of Africa’s fastest city in infrastructure development, Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi State, on the 15th and 16th of March 2019. It will be hosting 1000 individuals from 5 African countries. Key resource persons with tangible results from scratch, will serve as trainers in this year’s edition:


ELite Statecraft Africa International Economic Development Conference

Nigerian Man of the year award holder from the American Biographical Institute in 2008, listed among Global 2000 intellectuals of the 21st century by the International Biographical Institute in Cambridge, CEO of Toronto Hospital Onitsha and former Deputy Governor aspirant Anambara state.


ELite Statecraft Africa International Economic Development Conference

CEO, Blockchain Tech Hub Africa and SatoWallet Inc. Satowallet became the first African blockchain platform to hit N1Billion naira in transaction record by September 08, 2018.


ELite Statecraft Africa International Economic Development Conference

Profiled in the World Economic Forum, she is also the Founder, and Ikapture Networks. Opportunity Desk is the world’s leading and largest online platform for opportunities for young people.


ELite Statecraft Africa International Economic Development Conference

International Consultant and CEO of LIMBSimple, consulting for SHELL Nigeria, FirstBank Nigeria and other top local and international brands across Africa and beyond.


ELite Statecraft Africa International Economic Development Conference

South East Coordinator, Entrepreneurship Development Centre of the Central Bank of Nigeria. Also, Program Manager, the International Centre for Development Affairs, ICDA.


ELite Statecraft Africa International Economic Development Conference

By this special note, the general public is invited to this event. All registrations can be processed online via

God bless Africa and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.







Chairman, STAND Consulting Organization



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