SEC Issues Warning Against High Returns Fraudulent Schemes

SEC Issues Warning Against High Returns Fraudulent Schemes


The SEC has issued series of warning against potential capital market investors against putting their funds in fraudulent investment schemes

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has cautioned potential capital market investors against investing their funds in fraudulent investment schemes that promise unreasonably high and unrealistic returns that cannot be justified. The capital market regulator also outlined some of the tactics used by these fraudsters in deceiving unsuspecting members of the investing public.

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This caution was given by the Head, Investor Education of SEC, Mr. Tunde Kamali, at a webinar titled “The ABC of Savings and Investments” in Abuja, organized by SEC in collaboration with the Financial Literacy Technical Committee (FLTC).

Statement From SEC

Kamali, while revealing that these fraudsters usually attract their investors by offering them huge commissions, pressure tactics, and fictitious track records, among others, encouraged investors to always ask, check and confirm with the commission before investing in those companies.

He said, “Our duty at SEC is to protect investors by ensuring only fit and proper professionals are allowed to provide financial services. Most times, because of the ways and strategies of the fraudsters, many people do not have enough time to consider before we part with our money.’

Speaking at the event, the Chief Executive Officer of Greenwich Merchant Bank Limited, Mr. Bayo Rotimi, called on investors to always seek professional advice to enhance their knowledge before investing in any asset class.

He called for more companies to have their equities traded on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), to add to the current 164 companies, for better investments.

Things you should know

  • The CBN and SEC have both consistently cautioned Nigerians to beware of fraudulent investment schemes, sometimes referred to as Ponzi schemes, warning the investing public not to fall prey to the activities of illegal fund managers across the country.
  • SEC had in 2019 and 2020 clamped down on some identified fraudulent Ponzi scheme operators with their bogus investment and return claims and warned the investing public against dealing with them.



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