7 Historical sites in Sokoto State – A Must to See for Everyone

There are several historical sites in Sokoto State. The real Arabic name back then was Sakkwato, but it was polished to Sokoto under the influence of British. The state is also the core seat of Islamic education in Nigeria. Sokoto State has a total population of approximately 4 million people and 23 local government areas.

Historical sites in Sokoto State that will attract you

Historical Sites in Sokoto State for everyone to see

  1. Historical Sites in Sokoto State: Palace of Sultan of Sokoto
    Sultan of Sokoto is one of in view of the fact that it is the spiritual head of all Muslims in Nigeria. This palace in Sokoto represents the harmony of the Nigerian Muslim Ummah. The palace is a great cultural and creative brilliance, very rich in olden architecture with current improvement.

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  1. Historical Sites in Sokoto State: Tomb of Usman Dan Fodio
    This is the Islamic scholar’s tomb and the accredited founder of the state, Shehu Usman Dan Fodio is situated within the state. It is located on Sultan Bello road, close to Shehu’s Mosque and not far away from the palace of the Sultan. The area is devoted to the tombs of Usman Dan Fodio and his relations.
  2. Historical Sites in Sokoto State: Shehu Kangiwa Square
    The Shehu Kangiwa Square was called Gingiya, indicating palm tree. It is the location of a prehistoric battle between British troops and indigenous Sokoto forces led by Sultan Attahiru in 1903. It is an open square outside the city wall and today a square to behold, as well as the center of local trade and commerce.

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  1. Historical Sites in Sokoto State: Waziri Junaidu History and Culture Museum
    The Waziri Junaidu History and Culture Museum was founded in 1973. The museum has a collection of over 500,000 past treasures that communicate the story of the Sokoto people. There are numerous displays of the cultural relics and artifacts of the indigenous people archived for public view when travelers come into the museum.

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  1. Historical Sites in Sokoto State: Goronyo Dam
    The Goronyo Dam was erected in 1981 along River Rima with the main aim of enhancing farming and irrigation in the area. It is presumed to be one of the major dams in West Africa and a great help to agricultural initiatives within the state – improving home-grown commerce and income from wide-scale farming produce.
  2. Historical Sites in Sokoto State: Sokoto Museum
    This museum is a national museum that communicates the story of the old Sokoto caliphate. The museum is dedicated to the life and times of Usman Dan Fodio, and it features his personal items such as scriptures, Koran, maps, throne, and other artifacts and monuments from around the state.