Reschedule or Change Flight Ticket Online

Reschedule or Change Flight Ticket Online

After booking a flight ticket, an emergency might come up that will require your attention. In other not to miss your flight or your meeting you might have to reschedule the flight.

Airlines understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances like this happen. Therefore there are usually provisions for flights rescheduling. Majority of this happens on their online portals, as it more convenient for customers.

A travel agency can of course handle this responsibility of flight rescheduling. However doing it online will be easier. As it can enable you change flight details like date, seat number and any other details from the comfort of your home. Not all airlines in Nigeria have this feature. So you’d have to check their sites to find out. It is best to reschedule anywhere between 4 -24 hrs. You might be charged for rescheduling. And you can reschedule for promo tickets.

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How to Reschedule Flights Ticket ticket Online

Here is how to reschedule air peace flight and air peace customer service number have been provided below.

Visit the online portal of the airline, and find the booking link. Click on the rescheduling link and enter whatever details are requested for. The details usually are surname, name and confirmation number.

Now we are going to see how you can reschedule flights on some airlines

How to reschedule Arik Air flight ticket online

On, you can book your flight tickets. However it is not certain that you can reschedule your flight on the website. If you are having problems rescheduling your flight on the website, call the airline or your travel agent to reschedule by phone.

How to reschedule Aero air flight ticket online

Visit their website at Look for the booking menu and their click on the view/change booking option. You will be requested to provide your name and booking reference. If this is successful you’ll receive an email.

How to reschedule Dana air flight ticket online

To reschedule your Dana flight, visit Click on the booking menu, some options will come out.  Click on the modify/cancel button, then click on modify tab. Your name and confirmation number will be requested for. Enter these details and click on login. You will receive a confirmation email, if successful.

How to Reschedule First Nation Airways Flight Ticket Online

This is a relatively new airline. And they do have a rescheduling feature on their website.  On the home page you’ll find manage booking menu. Click on this menu and it will request for your details. Provide them and click ok, visit their website at

How to reschedule Air Nigeria flight Ticket online

Look for the Manage My Booking tab on the booking centre menu, click on it and enter your details. Then click on retrieve bookings and this should complete the rescheduling process.