How To Start An Event Management Business In Nigeria

Why You Should Start An Event Management Business

One major reason for starting and Event Management Business is the undeniable fact that events will always take place. There is always a reason for people to gather and celebrate which has placed event managers in high demand.

The system of event management is very versatile and it takes a well trained event manager to put things properly in place

The event manager is expected to keep track of client needs as they tend to change occasionally and also be abreast with evolving trends in all sections of the event management industry.

Event Management Business

Factors To Ensure Profitability of An Event Management Business

The following must be done to ensure profitability of an Event Management Business.

Research The Event

Research differ depending on your level of knowledge and experience in the field. Research can also be in form of a survey to determine the interest level in the event. For a newbie it is collating information on vendors and their services. Every event manager would be required to negotiate fair deals for clients through research.

An event manager should also possess good listening skills. Ask questions from your clients in areas where you need clarity, don’t assume because one assumption can lead to a dissatisfied client or even a cancellation of the event.

Design The Concept

Possessing creative skills will be an advantage in projecting the overall theme of the event according to the client’s specification. Don’t neglet to visit the results of earlier carried out research in the development of your event theme or concept.

Writing Proposal For The Event

After consulting with the client, you will need to do some reflection and research so as to have enough information to achieve a suggestion.

Let your proposal have reasonable content and straight to the point. Pictures can also be included.

A proposal is needed to showcase your profile and portfolio to a potential client. You may need to hire a professional to write one for you if you can not do it yourself.

Organizing The Event

At this stage, you are probably going to be like a busy bee. You will be required to book the event venue, book vendors among many other details of the event. Long hours on the phone will characterize this stage.

Also, do well to keep your client abreast with all activities as well as any changes necessary at any point. Know that, the bigger the event the more time you will need to plan it.

Coordinating The Event

After proper and detailed planning arrangements have been done, go through each item individually, so as to ensure you didn’t miss out anything and every vendor is not lacking any information needed to render their services. To achieve this excellent interpersonal skills is necessary.

Evaluating Your Work

The essence of every service based business is client satisfaction. When customers are satisfied they will promote your business even without being cajoled.

A satisfied client will always contact you when more events come up thereby increasing your profitability and brand growth.

Your Billings Determines Your Income

When starting out, the major aim is not to make profit but to build client base. Sometimes, you may even have to work almost free but subsequently your billing will depend on the class of your clients, as well as your branding and packaging strategy. You may also have to primarily consider the size of the event you want to plan when billing clients. 

Marketing And Promotion

For event managers the most effective method of marketing is networking and referrals. Although, conventional methods of advertising can also be used.

Sending promotional items through mails or local businesses can also be used to create an awareness for your service.

A website can also be a platform to display your profile as well as previous events you have handled.  A lot of hardwork and perseverance goes into achieving success as an event manager. Being slothful yet expecting clients to come will do you no good.

As an event manager you are not expected to be sloppy and sluggish but agile and motivated. With this kind of attitude, the extent of your success is boundless.