How to Start Money Making Bitter Kola Export Business in Nigeria


A lot of opportunities abound in this country but it’s difficult to come by because some people hoard it while others want to come out of poverty through it. This information am about giving has cost me N50, 000 naira but I don’t mind because John Mason said it in one of his Books that Investing in Human Being is the greatest investment ever, and even if the person fails to recognize it God will surely bless you in a different way!!

Making it real big in life is what I and everyone has always dreamt of, but very difficult. My struggle to become rich ended around September 2011, after reluctantly attending a seminar on Bitter kola and Ginger export Business in Ibadan

At first it was not easy for me, but after a very short trial and patience couple with the sources given to me at the seminar venue, l was able to get it right and since then l have been smiling everyday!!!!!

In addition, I have been able to develop my own strategies which have made me have enough customers begging to have my products.

Sometimes I get calls from these Buyers soliciting for my products, because of my simple and honest strategies.

I am ready to expose the intricacies of my strategies that I used to gain their confidence to buy from me. I call it ‘The easy and sure way’

But right here, I am going to expose to you the secret and legitimate way to make money by exporting.

If you can negotiate well, this business is for you…

Negotiating that I mean has to do with Your prices, types of product, Packaging techniques, time of delivery, your ability to supply consistently, etc.



Starting Bitter kola Export Business In Nigeria

Bitter kola also known as Garcinia kola is a species of flowering plant in the Clusiaceae or Guttiferae family. It is found in Benin, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. Nigeria is the principal producer of bitter kola producing about 150, 000 tons of which 90% is consumed locally. Here, It is known as Orogbo in Yorubland, Namijin-goro among Hausa, Akuilu in Igboland.

Bitter (Garcinia) kola is in great demand in America, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan, India and other Asian countries. It is used for food purposes apart from serving as a raw material in pharmaceutical industries for production of drugs. This product is hugely demanded in the international market due to its health benefits. Some of which are listed below..

They are used in production of kola soft drinks
It is used in the preparation of herbal drugs either as nourishment, supplement or herbal remedy.
Bitter Kola is considered as an effective agricultural produce in the treatment of cough, diarrhea, tuberculosis and other bacterial infections.
Significantly reduced eye pressure when used twice a day.
Garcinia kola is used as a substitute for hops in brewing lager beer. It is especially useful in preventing beer spoilage.

Export Potentials

Bitter kola can be found easily in our local market, hence sourcing it will never be a problem and it is relatively cheap. Bitter kola, in most cases, finds its way into our local markets from the Eastern part of the country. In fact a simple search on a few trade forums will give you a list of so many suppliers in Nigeria. There are about 362 Nigerian suppliers on Alibaba.com only. Collection of the this product from the rural areas and processing them for export market is a simple operation to undertake, less capital intensive, attractive to government support and above all, a noble occupation.

As a beginner, you may not need to start big; there are options for small beginners. That means you don’t need to export in metric tonnes which would require large capital. You should start with trial orders of between 50kg and 200kg.

At first it was not easy for me to understand but with spending more time on my computer and the source provided to me I finally got,The How to , Where to and What to.

In addition to that, I developed my own strategy which earned me my first 2 Buyer in 2days. Since then I have been using my own strategy to “melt” those Buyers ,Client or Customers to buy from me.

Some times I get calls from those Buyers soliciting for my products…

why ?

Because of my strategy,

simple !

Now am ready to expose the up and down of my strategy which I have been using to get and gain their trust to buy from me the ease and never fail ways.

Dear friend, let no one deceive you that you can make unlimited cash online or offline without doing little work or sometimes putting in little money because if that is what you have been hearing,

it’s a big lie.

But right here, I am going to expose to you the secret and legitimate way to make money by exporting bitter kola and ginger in small scale.

In my report you get more of bitter kola information because I export the product alot.

If you can negotiate well, this business is for you…

What I mean by Negotiate are : pricing, types of product, term to delievery, payment term and types, your ability to supply constantly and some other mere thing you will get from my material.