5 Reasons Why You Should Always Pay Up Your Debt As An Entrepreneur In 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Always Pay Up Your Debt As An Entrepreneur In 2020

Being an adult comes with a lot of responsibilities and lots of bills to pay, and being an entrepreneur sometimes compounds those bills and responsibilities and also adds a huge dose of debts to the pile.

You just keep pushing through every day and before you know it you have this huge stack of bills to pay and you owe a lot of people lots of money.

You may think ignoring the debts is the smarter thing to do, maybe because your creditors are far from you and have no physical way to keep badgering you, but trust me; ignoring your debts is one the worst things to do as an entrepreneur.

We have compiled 5 logical reasons why you should always pay up your debts as an entrepreneur in Nigeria. Read:


  1. To Keep A Good Reputation

Trust me, you don’t want to be known as that guy that does not pay up his debts. It would ruin not just your reputation as an individual but also the credibility of your business. And you may think not everyone knows that you are in debt but we all know how fast bad news travel.

So if you don’t want to chase away potential clients and investors, do well to always pay up your debts, so that the word that goes around about you would be that you always pay up your debts.

  1. To Get Good Reviews And Recommendations

Always paying up your debts also gives you good reviews and good recommendations.

This way anyone who has done business with you will always drop good reviews and recommendations about you. But if all you do is owe people and refuse to pay, they’ll spread nothing but bad news about you. And that is bad for business.


  1. You May Need To Borrow Later


We all know just how unpredictable life can be sometimes. And being a business owner kind of doubles that unpredictability. You may need to borrow money again sometime in the future for an urgent need, and of course, if you refused to pay the debts you earlier accrued no sane person will lend to you again.

  1. You Can Stop Sucking Up To Your Debtors

If you’ve ever owed someone who you see everyday money then you probably already know firsthand how humiliating it can sometimes be. And also how you literally have to walk on eggshells when you are around.

You can be extra nice always even if they are getting on your last nerve because you are at their mercy at that point.

  1. You Can Finally Say You Own Your Assets

Being in debt most times means you probably bought some time on credit or borrowed money to buy something. Technically, since you have not actually paid for the said item with your own money, you can’t say you own the said items.

But paying up your debt fixes that, you now become the true original owner of your things because this time you used your own money to pay for them.

It also allows you to save. Think of all the wonders of having money put out somewhere that is yours and that belongs to you and only you.

The savings platforms in Nigeria will help you become financially better but if you are in debt, that will probably not happen. You will find more guidelines on sumotrust.com as that will enable you to understand the basics of financial management and prudent savings to avoid running into debt again.