5 steps to make your customers feel safe online

You have to make your customers feel safe online. There are numerous businesses that can be done online. Companies like Amazon in America is in the journey of being $1 Trillion company. While in Nigeria here, CBN has stated an upsurge in transactions online. Nigeria has documented about N64 trillion, in automated transactions since the execution of the cashless policy.As a business owner directing business online, customers are afraid of paying for goods or services online because customers also want to be certain that you will get what you paid for.

Steps to make your customers feel safe online

These are the steps to follow to make your customers feel safe online:

  1. Make your Customers Feel Safe online: Be reachable offline too – Your mobile number should be in a place that’s visible to your client. Most people want to hear your voice on the mobile phone more than a text on a screen.

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  1. Make your Customers Feel Safe online: Make your store easy to find – If you have a store offline, including it on a Google map with its location. Consumers will have more security in knowing you’re not only online.
  2. Make your Customers Feel Safe online: Post Pictures – You should have a photo of yours and your team. Apart from your clients hearing voice on the mobile phone, having photos on the website can make you be more reliable. Humans are made to believe other human beings, so seeing the person behind an online store is reassuring about the safety of our data.

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  1. Make your Customers Feel Safe Online: Give customers payment options – Make sure you include quite a lot of payment methods in order to pick the one that suits them. Although the trust to make payment with credit cards on the Internet has increased geometrically, there are still users who choose to pay online or pay on delivery.

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  1. Making your Customers Feel Safe Online: Keep your word – In businesses only offer what you can deliver, one bad review can destroy your business, so treat every customer like the only one you have. For customers, make sure you check objective reviews about the business you are about to use to get an honest feel of them, use social media and other online forums to your advantage.