The Best Exchanges To Buy Cryptocurrency In Nigeria 2022

The Best Exchanges To Buy Cryptocurrency In Nigeria 2022

Have you been looking for good, secure, and highly dependable exchanges to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria this 2022? If the answer is yes! Then this article is all you need to read today.

To begin, let us define what cryptocurrency is and understand its full context.


Understanding Cryptocurrency 

Crypto can be referred to as the various encryption algorithms and cryptographic techniques that safeguard entries, such as hashing functions, elliptical curve encryption, and public-private key pairs.

Crypto also known as cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital currency that uses cryptography and encryption to secure and verify transactions. 

Cryptocurrencies use a decentralized system to issue new units and record transactions. This means that they are generally not issued by any central authority, rendering them immune to government interference or manipulation

The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, which was founded in 2009 and remains the best and most popular known today. Cryptocurrencies work on a distributed public ledger called blockchain, a record of all transactions updated and held by currency holders.

Units of cryptocurrency are mined to be created or purchased from cryptocurrency exchanges. which involves using computer power to solve complicated mathematical problems that generate coins.

Users can also buy the currencies from brokers, then store and spend them using cryptographic wallets.

In this article, we will reveal the best Cryptocurrency Exchange Company in Nigeria to sign up for in 2022.

Important Tips To Note Before Trading On An Exchange 


The exchange of cryptocurrency was extremely difficult and challenging a few years ago, owing to the fact that there were only a few exchanges available and the business was not well or fully accommodated or recognized by Nigerians.

The fall of the Naira which crippled the economy increased the popularity of Cryptocurrency in Nigeria, as many now see holding Crypto as a hedge against the rising inflation across the country.

There are now many crypto exchanges that support crypto services for Nigerian users, with some having a localized presence.

Choosing the right crypto exchange can be difficult due to the various competing options available in the market. 

However, it is critical that you follow these steps in order to find the best exchange for your investing needs.

  • Conduct your research.
  • Take precautions.
  • Be cautious of fees and currency pairs.
  • Always opt for greater security.

There are roughly more than 380 Cryptocurrency Exchanges all over the world, so if you are still searching and contemplating if/or which exchange to choose, it’s very important to look at the currencies’ security, pricing, withdrawal options, and currencies supported.

Despite the growing attention, crypto adoption has not yet gone mainstream in Nigeria and Africa as a continent. Most Nigerians are still left with the challenges of where to buy cryptocurrencies.

We will be outlining and reviewing some of the best crypto exchanges where Nigerians can trade cryptocurrencies in 2022.


Cryptocurrency Exchanges Available To Nigerians 

Binance Nigeria 

Binance provides its traders with a cryptocurrency wallet in which to store their electronic funds. It is well-known for its crypto-to-crypto trading.

Binance, which was launched in 2017, is primarily an online exchange where holders transact and trade cryptocurrencies. By trade volume, the platform has grown to become one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, with over 100 coins actively running on the platform.

Bianance launched the Naira wallet in 2020, allowing Nigerian subscribers to buy and trade bitcoin directly on the platform. Binance has traded up to $1 billion USD worth of bitcoins to date.

best exchanges to buy cryptocurrency

Following its partnership with Flutterwave, Binance now allows Nigerian users to deposit NGN into their Binance accounts using a credit or debit card. They also have a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace and a plethora of helpful trading support guides. Binance P2P does not charge any additional fees for transactions. The price you see is the price you pay. Withdrawals, transfers, and deposits are also instant on Binance.

Finally, the platform provides features that are simple to grasp for new crypto fans, as well as a sufficient number of trading tools and its one of the most popular and best exchange to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria . To get get started click 


Truzact is yet another best exchange to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria this 2022. Truzact is an all-in-one suite app that lets crypto enthusiasts build money from the blockchain digital economy.

Furthermore, it is a simple, quick, and secure way to save, invest, store, exchange, or trade cryptocurrency. The Platform Truzact was established on December 1, 2020, and designed with the security of users funds in mind, which includes multiple security layers that help safeguard your account from hacking.

At investment level, Truzact assists its users in trading assets and making the security of their capital the most important factor, regardless of market volatility.

In their domain, which is known as the Crypto church community, the site has over 200,000 participants online.

The Truzact app is a safe cryptocurrency wallet that lets you:

  • Send and receive cryptocurrency.
  • Keep track of your digital assets and save them.
  • Invest in safe cryptocurrency hedge funds (up to 20-100 percent ROI per annum)
  • Create a digital will In case of death (this will let one grant beneficiary access to their assets In the event of death) Truzact is the first company to offer this service.
  • Raise funds from both private and public sources.
  • Use cryptocurrency as a form of social payment.
  • OTC dealers can trade quickly.

To sign up click


Looking for a crypto exchange where you can buy, sell, swap, send, and receive Bitcoin and 58+ altcoins without having to deal with any hassles? Then Roqqu is the place for you to be. Nigerians can use the site to purchase, sell, and store bitcoins in a safe and secure manner.

best exchange to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria 2022

You can rest easy knowing that over 98 percent of cryptocurrencies are stored offline and protected by industry-leading online security. All Roqqu accounts are subject to the same stringent security measures, which include multi-stage verification and bank-level security.

If a user’s phone is lost or stolen, they can use a passcode to lock the app and remotely block app access.

On the Roqqu platform, you can use your credit or debit card to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Users can also use cryptocurrency to pay merchants who use Roqqu Business for services.

Money transfers to a local bank account are made simple by Roqqu . Even on weekends, withdrawal requests are processed within 30 minutes. Deposits are charged at 1.4 percent, while token purchases and sales are charged at 2 percent, making them one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria.



best exchanges to buy cryptocurrency

Obiex Finance was founded on June 10th, 2021 as a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows both new and expert crypto traders to perform transactions using only their usernames if both parties are enrolled on Obiex.

Obiex is a digital asset exchange and financial technology platform that enables its customers to achieve financial independence regardless of experience or location by making bitcoin trading simple, and it is one of the best exchanges in Nigeria to buy cryptocurrency.

According to the platform’s blog, in its first month of operation, it generated $2.5 million in trades and had roughly 4500 customers sign up. The trading volume on October 20th was $53 million, and by December 3rd, it had risen to $100 million.

They started with eight coins and subsequently added another seven, including $SOL, $ADA, $NGNX, and $WKD, among others. click to get started

On the Obiex Finance platform, instant swaps with no transaction costs are also available. One of its main advantages is the customized (P2P) peer-to-peer service in the form of NGNX, which allows users to deposit money directly from their local bank accounts, buy and sell for fiat, and withdraw to their bank accounts.


best exchanges to buy cryptocurrency

You can also store your cryptocurrencies in your YellowCard wallet, which is one of the most trustworthy exchangers in Nigeria. YellowCard is the safest and most secure way to buy and trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In Nigeria, YellowCard is a well-known and reliable cryptocurrency exchange, that allows subscribers to buy or sell Tether (USDT) on the TRON network for the best price using their YellowCard wallet.

YellowCard also enables Nigeria crypto traders to exchange cryptocurrency and withdraw directly to your bank account, the app accepts Naira deposits via secure peer-to-peer (p2p) and rapid bank transfer.

To ensure seamless transactions, all Yellowcard accounts are secured and safeguarded at all times. Customers can earn up to a 20% referral bonus on their trading expenses.




how to create a quidax account, best exchanges to buy cryptocurrency

Quidax is an African cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to buy, store, and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies in Naira using market and limit orders.

Apart from its fast exchange and withdrawal services, Quidax also allows institutions to engage in OTC trading and has its own API that permits third-party integration, allowing fintech companies to provide cryptocurrency services to their consumers.

The platform offers safe cryptocurrency wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Dash, and USDT, among other prominent digital assets. In Nigeria, they also accept Naira deposits, withdrawals, and trading pairs, with no percentage maker fee on any transaction.

With all of these user-friendly features, Quidax has over 400,000 downloads on Google Play and is available in over 72 countries, making it one of the most popular and best exchange to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria.


Luno is a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange with operations in more than 40 countries, including Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe. The company’s headquarters are in London, England, United Kingdom.

Luno, as a cryptocurrency exchange, makes it simple and secure for individuals and organizations to buy, store, utilize, and learn about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Luno stores the majority of user assets in “deep-freeze” crypto stormage for security reasons. This crypto’s keys are encrypted and stored in bank vaults within safe deposit boxes. Their goal is to change the world’s financial system for the better.

Luno has a Savings wallet where you can earn a variable interest return on your cryptocurrency investments. Luno has cheap trading costs when compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. Maker-taker costs range between 0% and 0.1 percent, with reduced fees available for investors with a significant monthly trading volume.

Luno mobile apps for Android and iOS allow you to deposit, withdraw, and trade cryptocurrency at any time, giving you access to professional-level crypto exchange functionality while on the go. A price analytical dashboard, charts, indicators, and other trading tools are included in the software.

BuyCoins Africa

best exchanges

BuyCoins, a cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2017 and headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, is the most convenient place to buy, sell, and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio. BuyCoins is a broker and Peer-to-Peer exchange that is currently only available in Nigeria, which means that their services are only available to Nigerians with Nigerian bank accounts.

BuyCoins’ objective is to provide a platform that meets users’ needs as conveniently and swiftly as possible, whether they are buying, selling, storing, or transferring Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or USD Coins.

Because it provides safe wallets, uses seamless payment methods, and stores user information on secure servers, the platform allows users to trade cryptocurrencies instantaneously.


 Best exchanges in NIgeria

NairaEx as one of the best exchanges to buy Cryptocurrency in Nigeria, allows its users to exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for Nigerian currency.

NairaEx’s platform offers services that are as simple, fast, and simple to use as possible. They include the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and litecoin, as well as e-currencies such as perfect money. A user can access these services through his/her dashboard. Click on the link to get started.

Founded in 2015, NairaEx exchange, unlike other exchange platforms where rates fluctuate constantly, sets its rate at the time of transaction. Instant funding and withdrawal into any Nigerian bank is one of their most amazing features.

Users who have not provided identity verification to their account are restricted by NairaEx. To purchase Bitcoins, you must first complete the identity verification process, as detailed in these steps.




best exchanges to buy cryptocurrency

Remitano, an international cryptocurrency firm founded in 2015, provides a guaranteed Peer to Peer marketplace where users can buy and sell Tether USDT simply and safely, with a notable easy UI, pleasant online customer service 24 hours a day, and the lowest charge compared to big market players.

With over 3.2 million users contributing to a transaction volume of over $9 billion, Remitano has spread to 50 countries globally.

It is Nigeria’s most secure and popular peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. Every day, about 800 million Naria worth of cryptocurrency is traded from Nigeria.


Cryptocurrencies are rapidly changing the financial landscape, and a slew of exchanges are leading the way. If you want to work on something truly global and innovative with a smart and ambitious team that values diversity, teamwork, and a never-ending pursuit of perfection, this is the opportunity for you.

Always keep an eye out for this list if you’re looking for the best exchange to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria with the best rates and the most secure platforms.



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