You Want a Business in 2020? Steps In Establishing Your Business In Nigeria

You Want a Business in 2020? Steps In Establishing Your Business In Nigeria

Establishing your business in Nigeria goes beyond your own mere wish to establish a business. There are necessary steps you must be willing to take in order to establish your business in Nigeria.

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These steps involve that you take needed actions to effect the change you seek. You must make up your mind to take action because that is all that is really required of you from these steps in establishing your business in Nigeria.

6 steps in establishing your business in Nigeria

  1. Have a mental picture of your business idea

There is a saying that whatever you are not able to see with your mind you cannot achieve.

The very first step in establishing your business in Nigeria is creating the image of your business establishment in your mind.

You must be able to envision and imagine what your business will really look like in real life.

  1. Research your business

As an entrepreneur, you take risks based on well-grounded research analysis.

You must never jump into actions without having done your due diligence in the place of research.

This really goes a long way to help you minimize yours loses in the course of doing your business.

If you wake up to just jump into a business venture, then you are doing so at your own expense and peril because there will be a higher chance that the business will never grow.

This is a very important step in establishing your business in Nigeria.

  1. You must identify the needed resources for your business

    establishing your business in Nigeria

Without resources, no matter how good and wonderful your business idea is, it can never be materialized.

You must make sure that the needed resources are available for establishing your business in Nigeria. These resources include land, manpower, and start-up capital.

Land refers to the space that you will be using for business activities.

Manpower also involves the people that you will be needing to do one thing or the other during the course of your business establishment, while the start-up capital involves raw materials, physical cash and equipment for your business to smoothly be established.

  1. Have a standard business plan

This is another important step for your business establishment in Nigeria. The business plan helps you to put things into perspective before starting your business venture in Nigeria.

The business plan contains the strategies that will be used to achieve the goals of your business venture.

Business plans are also requirements for accessing loans from financial institutions in Nigeria and also for attracting investors for your business.

  1. Accessing funds for your business

This is also another important step especially if your business involves a huge start-up capital.

You must map out ways to access funds either from banks, private individuals, corporate societies, or family and friends.

When you have analyzed your financial capacity and you know that you cannot bear the cost of establishing the business alone, you must draw a plan to source for funds from the channels that I have listed above for you.

Make sure that you are given a very suitable repayment option to the money that you got from external sources.

  1. Develop very good operating systems

This is usually the last step before you can now “physically” establish your business.

Without good systems in place, your business will find it very difficult to grow, and also maintain your customers.

Good systems also help your business to function without you being present to run the affairs of your business.

These steps that are outlined in this article are very useful in establishing your business in Nigeria.