Need To Start A Podcast? 10 Technology Items For Starting A podcast

Need To Start A Podcast? 10 Technology Items For Starting A podcast

The need to start a podcast cannot be possibly be overestimated. We have written expansively on how to start a podcast and on the need to start a podcast. Today, we want to go a step further by explaining the major technology items for starting a podcast.

Podcasts in the first place are technology issues and will require the aid of technology to put it together.

Don’t get scared because it doesn’t take too much to start a podcast. It is all dependent on how sophisticated you want it to be.

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The technology items for starting a podcast could just be a microphone, headphones, recording and editing software and a publishing platform that will work on sharing your work.

However, depending on your budget, you can use more items. We will look into these technology items for starting a podcast in details.

10 Technology Items For Starting A podcast

  1. A very good microphone


To that effect, you are advised to buy quality microphones for your podcasts. Avoid microphones that are inbuilt into your computer and buy high-quality microphones.

  1. Headphones

    technology items for starting a podcast

You will need headphones that will get the job done. They don’t have to very exquisite but they should get the job done. Remember that you will need to hear what you are saying and what your guest is saying in the event that you have one.

It will do you some good to avoid headphone and microphone combos because they usually produce poor sound quality.

  1. A pop filter

    technology items for starting a podcast

One of the technology items for starting a podcast is a pop filter. You will need it to avoid amplifying b’s and p’s.

  1. A boom

    technology items for starting a podcast

The boom will not really be required if you want to just have one podcast. It is, however, a necessity if you want to go pro or you want to have series of podcasts.

The essence of the suspension boom is to hold your microphone which will save you from arm cramps and increase sound quality,

  1. A Skype account

A Skype account will be needed if you will survive in the making of podcasts. It is easy to set up and it is free. You will need to do interviews along the way so why not set up Skype accounts for you and your guests.

  1. Recording and editing software

An important part of the technology items for starting a podcast is recording and editing software. There are free programs you can use to do this. You can use Adobe Audition that gives lots of options for post-production or you use Garageband if you an Apple user.

  1. ID3 Editor

This is a special program that enables tag your podcasts if ID3 tags refused to work. The program allows you to store important information such as the title, track number, and artist in the podcast.

Furthermore, it allows the album art to appear when people download it.

  1. A podcast hosting account

As a better alternative to hosting your podcasts on your website which puts you at the risk of using up your bandwidth, you should have a podcast hosting account with media hosts.

For your information, it is very affordable. You can use Libsyn, Soundcloud or Blubrry.

  1. Design software

The use of design software for starting a podcast is more aesthetic than fundamental. It is not entirely necessary but it is a very nice idea.

You will need to extend your podcast’s reach by listing it on iTunes and this will require that you put up good and catchy image next to your podcast’s name. It is called cover art and it is the photo people will see when browsing shows or listening to yours.

You will need design software to put this in order and this is why it is one of the technological tools for a podcast.

  1. A vanity URL

The last but not the least in this list is a vanity URL. Vanity URLs are links that you can use to redirect to your podcast’s reviews section on iTunes. This will save you from having to give out a long and complicated website address, simplifying the process for your listeners.





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