How To Be Safe From Disease Outbreak In Your Place Of Work In Nigeria

How To Be Safe From Disease Outbreak In Your Place Of Work In Nigeria

The mindset that health is wealth should always be rooted deep in you. This article is written to help you with the ways that you can stay safe in your place of work especially when everyone is getting sick.

No one wants to be sick, so left for those of your co-workers that often fall sick, they will not want to be falling sick every time there is an outbreak of a disease in the workplace.

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You might be left with the question, “how can I keep myself healthy when others are falling sick?” at your workplace, you come in contact with people that are from different works of life and also have different ways of keeping themselves free from diseases.

Ways You Can Stay Safe From Disease Outbreak In Your Place Of Work

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  1. Make Sure You Are Vaccinated

Once there is a disease outbreak in your place of work, the first thing that you should do is to identify the nature and name of the disease from medical experts.

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Once you know the particular disease, then you must as a matter of great importance get yourself vaccinated against such diseases.

This vaccine will keep you from coming down with the disease which indirectly affects your output in your work positively.

  1. Make Use Of Hand Sanitizers In Your Place Of Work

It has been scientifically proven that washing your hand with hand sanitizers like Detol, Izal etc will reduce your chances of getting diseases especially the one that is transmitted through body contact.

These people that are already down with the disease touch and come in contact with many things in your place of work.

These things are also there for you to use, examples are door handles, telephone etc. you must always make sure to wash your hand with these hand sanitizers so as to reduce the load of the causative agent of the disease that can make you sick.

  1. Try To Encourage Your Sick Co-Workers To Go Home

If you come in contact with a sick person in your place of work, you should advise and encourage such a person to take a sick leave.

This is actually to the best interest of everyone because if the sick person is suffering from a communicable disease, he will infect the rest of his/her co-workers if he/she is allowed to keep coming to the office with the disease.

You should say it in a way that will make the person not feel dejected and alone. Offer the person moral support and try to make him/her see the reason why he/she should go home and be taken care of.

  1. You Should Get A New Workspace

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If you discover that the co-worker that is sharing a workspace with you in your place of work is down with a particular disease that is very strange to you or you are sure that the symptoms that co-worker is showing shows that the disease can be transferred from one person to another.

You should look for ways to leave that workspace for that person and try changing your workspace. You should also try office supplies for that point in time.

  1. Try Working From Home

When you discover that people in your place of work are getting sick at a very alarming rate, you should try negotiating with the administration of your company to allow you work from home. You should let them know that you can still be getting your job done perfectly, even though you are working from home.

You must make them understand that it will be for the interest of the company that you work from home because if you come to the office and later have to go on a sick leave, the productivity level of the company is reduced.

  1. Take Good Care Of Yourself Once You Feel Sick

No one prays that it gets to this stage for you in your place of work.

If it happens that you are down with the disease, you must as a matter of importance take very good care of yourself in a very good hospital.

Make sure to follow the directives of the doctor and do all you are asked to do so that you can return to your normal state of health as soon as possible. Make sure to eat healthy food and take your medications as directed by your doctor.