How to Become a Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur in Nigeria

Wondering how to start a business from scratch, I would recommend you become a lifestyle entrepreneur in Nigeria. This is because there is no faster means to kick-starting a business from scratch except by being a lifestyle entrepreneur. And one would ask, “Who is a lifestyle entrepreneur”.  A lifestyle entrepreneur in Nigeria is an entrepreneur who builds his business around his life. He does not build his life around his business. His decisions are mostly based on the fact that he passionately loves to pursue his personal dreams, gain financial independence and freedom from corporate slavery, master his skills and profit from what he is talented in doing

Lifestyle entrepreneurs see money and recognition as a reward for their efforts. Their perspective to fulfillment differs from that of anyone else. In this article, I will be revealing to us 5 fundamental tips to becoming a successful lifestyle entrepreneur in Nigeria.

It’s important we appreciate the fact that Africa is blessed, not just in natural resources but also in human resources but the challenge with most Africans is the fact that they tend to depend more on foreign aids than they can depend on their human resources. This problem as I discovered is not isolated of the fact that we seem to have less lifestyle entrepreneurs. To worsen the matter, just few of the people who called themselves, “Lifestyle entrepreneurs” are enviable in terms of the amount of wealth they command.

These tips if learnt and applied will in great measure enable you to make money effortlessly while you live your dream. Tips for Becoming a Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur in Nigeria:

How to Become a Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur in Nigeria

How to Become a Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur in Nigeria

How to Become a Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur in Nigeria

1. Discover a profitable lifestyle being

a lifestyle entrepreneur is all about carefully taking cognizance of all your lifestyles to find out which of them has the capacity to earn you a profit at the long run. The fun of it is that you will most likely work less and make more money than relying on something (possibly a job) that does not resonate with you. At the early stage of trying to make your lifestyle something worth reckoning with, which will in turn attract people to invest into, it is important you know ahead of time that some of your friends will make jest of you, and even dare to discourage you. But don’t let it stop you. Mark Twain was right when he said,

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

What that means is that you are bound to receive resistance from your peers as soon as you dare to be different. Make a list of all your lifestyles, by that I mean the things you do almost every day that is somewhat unique and gets you pleasure, find out if there are people who became celebrities doing a similar thing and work out strategies that will make that lifestyle local content relevant.

2. Develop a routine

Success in every field of life begins with the discovery and development of a daily routine that works. So also does it apply when it comes to becoming a successful lifestyle entrepreneur. Lifestyle entrepreneurs who became exceptional in their careers held unto time as their most resourceful resource. One of the reasons we advocate for routine development as a prerequisite for success is that keeping a routine drives the passion and work into the subconscious mind, in that overtime, it becomes natural. If you want to become a successful blogger or writer, it is expedient that you keep a writing routine. Mapping out time each day to write gives you opportunity to hone your skills. And guess what, if you consistently do that for 10,000 hours, you will become a successful lifestyle entrepreneur who built a business by simply living his normal life.

3. Work-life integration

An understanding to the fact that the journey to becoming a successful lifestyle entrepreneur is not an instant one is what led me into including “work-life integration” as an important tip. The advent of technology has disabused the minds of those who thought that work should end as soon as they are back from the office, on holidays or while at home on weekends. Today, we can virtually work every minute of the day from whatever country we are in as long as there’s access to the internet. To become a successful lifestyle entrepreneur, you cannot help but integrate your work with your life. Integrating both gives you the opportunity to blend what you do professionally with the things you do personally. Not only will that enable you to manage your time effectively, it will also help you to work out your sweet transition if you were formerly working for someone else, in order to live your life of independence.

4. Strive to be multi-talented

Being multi-talented does not nullify the place of being focus, which experts in their analogy said it means, “Following One Course Until Successful.” The fact I want to establish here is that you must be vast enough to know at least 70% of the things you need to succeed in your journey as a lifestyle entrepreneur. Take for instance, as a writer, it is pertinent that I own a blog, have the capacity to design and develop my own blog and of course have the necessary network and platform to market my content. You will agree with me that it is impossible to achieve all that without being multi-talented.

5. Don’t quit It is difficult

Yes, it is. Just like every other field of endeavor, becoming a successful lifestyle entrepreneur is difficult. But if you refuse to quit, you will win. Never quit working on those profitable lifestyles you have until they begin to make money for you. As a recap, it is important I tell you that there’s no better way to start a business in Nigeria from scratch than to begin as a lifestyle entrepreneur. What comes natural to you is the easiest way to make money.

As you read through this article, I want you to think, “What are the lifestyles I have that have not been making money for me, what are the routines I need to develop to speed up my success, how can I integrate my work and life, what are the new talents I need to reach my desired goals and what are the motivating factors I need to keep myself away from quitting in this journey?”

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