Western Union Money Transfer 2020: Easiest Way to Receive It

How to Receive Western Union Money Transfer

In my last about tracking a western union money transfer, I made it clear that Western Union is one of the world’s leading financial services and communications company which have been around for years now. The platform allows you to send and receive money, track money transfers, pay bills, and many more.

If you recently received money with Western Union money transfer from someone, then, this article will help guide you through on how to pick it up easily and hassle-free!

western union money tracking

How to Receive Your Western Union Money from an Agent

One of the options of receiving money through western union money transfer is the agent option is more widely used and probably the safest means.

Kindly follow the steps below to receive your money from an agent:

  1. Locate an Agent

Firstly, You’ll have to locate an agent. Most banks around are agents and can help you handle this while picking up your money, definitely, there are banks close to you.

You might want to save yourself the time of having to walk into every bank asking if they allow Western Union money pick up, all you need to do is simply use the Western Union online Agent Locator. To do that, kindly:

  • Open this link in any web browser of your choice.
  • On the next page, enter the location where you’d like to receive the money in the field and click on Search 
  • On the next screen on your device, you should see a map. The black pointers on the map indicate the agents around the area speculated.
  • Now, tap on a pointer for more information – the name of the agent, address, and more will come up.

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  1. Fill Form to Receive Your Money

You will need to go to the Agent location, at the agent’s place, you should be given a form to fill. This form will be verified before you can receive your western union money.

  • You’ll need the Sender’s name – first and last.
  • Where the money was sent from.
  • Test question and answer – the sender would have set this when sending the money and then give you the information.
  • Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) if required.
  1. Present ID and Completed Form

After filling the form completely, kindly present it to the agent clerk and your government-issued ID. The ID is needed for verification purpose.

      4. Get Verified and Collect Your Money

The agent clerk will check your ID and verify your details. Sign the receipt, then, Collect your money and go ball. Lol.

How to Receive Western Union Money Directly Into Your Bank Account

Aside the agent option, you can also receive your money directly into your bank account. All you need ti do is tell the sender to select this option when making the transaction. And that’s it!

Hope this article was helpful? Let me know what you think in the comment section.




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