Obstacles To Entrepreneurial Success: How We Hold Ourselves Back From Attaining Our Goals

Obstacles To Entrepreneurial Success: How We Hold Ourselves Back From Attaining Our Goals

If there is anything I have learned from my days of writing on entorm.com and working on some startups, it will be that there are many obstacles to entrepreneurial success. Some are intrinsic while others are external.

People can come up with many reasons or should I say excuses for not attaining their goals. Yours may be a simple inability to have that final push. That final push could be everything you need.

Do you want to hear the truth about the Nigerian business environment? Here it is. You are set up to fail. The environment is hostile to businesses, the government is just insensitive, the people around you are just not gonna give you that encouragement and motivation that you need and the international community is very hostile to Nigerians. I know how many deals we have lost because we are a Nigerian company operating in Nigeria and by Nigerians.

I totally understand why some people get depressed along the way and why they cannot just move forward. It is not just in entrepreneurship, try getting a job and you will get some obstacles along the way too. But you cannot keep holding yourself back. You must keep pushing till you make it. You really have nothing to lose from trying.

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Because we are interested in your entrepreneurial success, we have packaged these guidelines and tips on how you can work around obstacles to entrepreneurial success. These obstacles to entrepreneurial success are not different from what you will encounter in other fields. They should all work together.

Stay with us and we might just make worth your time.

Tips On How To Handle Obstacles To Entrepreneurial Success

obstacles to entrepreneurial success

  1. Work on setting up specific goals

Until you break down your goals into achievable parts, it will always look lofty. Just start building one step at a time.

There is always a grand plan but they have to be broken down to bits. Let us take a Finetech company for example. If you want to build it, you did look at all it takes to put it together and that will include building the platform, registration, licensing, gaining acceptability, finding partners, marketing and other aspects. These things cost money without bringing immediate returns.

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Now, if you want to keep considering them together as a whole and working on them as a whole, you did get depressed except you have a lot on your war chest. But you can imagine how achievable it will look if you take them one after the other.

Trust me; it will be a lot easier. And the joy is that they will all get you to the destination. They are all part of the process. Just try to be specific in your goal setting as that will enable you to overcome obstacles to entrepreneurial success.

  1. Have a routine

obstacles to entrepreneurial success

There is no singular way to success. That is an established fact now. But you will agree with me that those who have a particular routine which only changes when it is absolutely necessary are better off than those who take a lot of unusual turns.

If you want to get to you’re the place you are going without experiencing obstacles to entrepreneurial success, you must maintain a routine that is productive. The things you do from the time you wake up to the time you sleep determines the level of success you will have. You don’t want to sporadic results, do you?

  1. You must be guided

According to Einstein Albert, “if I am a giant today, it is because I stood on the shoulders of those better than myself.” That is enough to tell you that you need people who have threaded the same path as you to guide and direct your actions.

In most of our guides on success, we always mention the place of mentors and coaches. You must have these people in your life that you will always look on to for guidance. Almost every successful man alive credits their success to the continuous support and guidance of their mentor. They are always there to tell them what to at every point.

You know, there is no law that says you cannot be more successful than your mentor. What you have to understand who you will be tomorrow is a product of who is directing your moves today.

  1. You must be accountable

obstacles to entrepreneurial success

To get to the apex, you must learn to be accountable. You must be accountable to yourself, accountable to your customers, accountable to your partners and team members and accountable to your mentors and coaches. That is the only way you can stay on track.

According to Timothy Sykes, “Even the most inspirational people have trouble staying motivated sometimes. An accountability partner can help. This is someone who does regular check-ins with you to see how you’re progressing toward your goals. A good accountability partner can be just about anyone — a co-worker, a friend or a family member. It just needs to be someone who can reliably check in with you about how you are doing on reaching your goals to help you stay accountable.”

  1. You must learn from your mistakes

obstacles to entrepreneurial success

Listen, you must make mistakes. Bear that in mind. You must make the wrong call. It must happen. If you are not making mistakes, you are probably not even trying. In fact, successes are gotten from experiences and experiences are sometimes gotten from failed attempts.

Really, the problem is not in failing and making mistakes. It is in what you do after failing. Do you learn from those unfortunate events that happen to you or do you just let it pass as one of those things?  You must learn how to learn from your mistakes if you will avoid obstacles to your entrepreneurial success.




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