Satowallet, Africa’s Biggest Wallet Set to Launch Web Exchange for Trading

It has always amazing updates from Satowallet multi-asset cryptocurrency App, the Cryptocurrency Wallet from Africa whose operation have been on the non-African market.

This time around, the wallet and mobile Exchange platform is set to launch a web version of the Crypto exchange where traders can buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly for profits.

The Satowallet web exchange will also come with some great features like ICO support, lending, and other great features.

The announcement was made by the CEO, Samuel Benedict on twitter letting users anticipate the launch of the web exchange.


In our quest to know more about this update, we reached out to the CEO where we learnt that the company is currently working on a web cryptocurrency trading platform for both crypto-to-crypto market pair and Crypto-to-Fiat market pair.

The CEO also went ahead to tell us that the company is making plans to launch operation in Africa with Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt at their major target market in Africa.

“The introduction of a web-exchange and launching operation in Africa will spread our arms and help us provide more liquidity to Satowallet users” he said.

Also calling on interested users who would want to become a Satorone for the company to Apply using the link here.

“We will release more update on this plans are time goes on”, he said again.

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