Best Business Tools For Startups: Ways To Improve Productivity and Management

Best Business Tools For Startups: Ways To Improve Productivity and Management

Business tools for startups

As an entrepreneur, you need to identify and leverage business tools for startups if you hope to build a successful and viable business. When starting your business, your major concern should be how to keep the cost to a minimum. You have to ensure that your money I invested in the best way possible while setting out to start a business.

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Launching a business is not all about writing a well-detailed business plan and starting your business. There are certain things you need to have in place in order to improve your chances of succeeding in your business. With these important business tools for startups, you can optimize with the help of technology to grow your business and keep the budget with the limit.

There are many business tools and resources for startups that not only help in minimizing the cost but also save time and make your business look and operate smartly. Your awareness of these business tools can help you accomplish tedious tasks in little time with minimal effort.

In this article, we will explore the different business tools for startups and how you can use them to your advantage.

Business Tools For Startups That You Need To Be Aware Of

  1. Lean Stack

This is a business tool that allows you to have access to a one-page business plan template. The template will help you divide your idea into key assumptions using 9 basic building blocks. You can also access courses, masterclasses, coaching certifications, and boot camps that may be very resourceful to you. As a startup founder, you mustn’t joke with startup planning tools like lean stack.

  1. Asana

Asana is a great business tool that lets you keep track of your goals, assign tasks, link documents, and be in touch with your team for maximum efficiency. You can check and try out this tool using their free trial and start setting those deadlines. There is no way you can talk of business tools for startups without having Asana on the list.

  1. Ideation tools

In every business and startup, the first phase is always the toughest. You need to understand that the ideation phase of any startup is crucial and essential to the success of every business. At the ideation phase, you already know what industry you wish to work with and the type of product you wish to sell. When all these have been identified, things will get clear and with the assistance of the ideation tools such as:

  • Squad help

This business tool helps you to find the perfect name for your business or startup. You can also use the tool to find the perfect name for your new book, product or service, or that of your new app.

  • Clarity

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just a fresh business owner, every entrepreneur needs actionable advice at one point or the other during their entrepreneurial adventure. With the Clarity tool, ambitious entrepreneurs receive valuable pieces of advice from experts in the industry. Clarity helps you connect with industry leaders across the globe.

  • Mindmeister

This is a mind mapping tool that lets you collaborate and brainstorm with experts in real-time. Aside from your project planning and ideation, you can also use this tool to create presentations. It allows you to turn mind-maps into perfect and dynamic slideshows.

  1. Business MVP Tools

As an entrepreneur who creates web or mobile apps, it is very important that you understand the impact of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Affect your business. The MVP helps you to experiment with your ideas in your preferred industry niche. There are great MVP tools you can leverage for your business or startup development and they include the following QuickMVP, Just In Mind, Balsamiq,

  1. Launch Tools

Every business owner or entrepreneur understands that it is never easy to launch a startup or business. From the ideation to the execution stage in any business, there are multiple factors that determine the success of a business launch. Here, there are different tested and trusted business tools to help you launch your startup successful. Some trusted launch tools include Product Hunt, Beta List, Press Kite, Cloudways, etc.

  1. Startup Marketing Tools

Every entrepreneur understands the importance of having a good marketing strategy in place. A good marketing strategy requires a flawless implementation process. A startup marketing strategy demands tools to monitor, analyze, and evaluate. Hence the reason you need to have these marketing tools in place for your business. You should consider having startup marketing tools like Hootsuite, MailChimp, Mangools, Google Analytics,, etc.

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  1. Fundraising and Finance Tools

Financial balances are very crucial for the success of startups. You must be careful to record where the revenue is coming from, where it is going, and how the startup will perform in the coming months. Every investor admires entrepreneurs that include calculated numbers in their pitch deck. It is very obvious that you cannot do everything with pen and paper, so there is a need for a financial tool to accomplish your goals.

These important financial tools include the following, Foundersuite, Crunchbase, Gust, inDinero, Fresh Books,


You have seen the different business tools for startups that are listed in this article. The onus lies on you to identify the ones that are best suited for your business. There are still lots of other startup tools that you can consider on your own.

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