How To Affordably Search For An Apartment

How To Affordably Search For An Apartment

No matter where you want to live in the world, finding an affordable and acceptable apartment can be difficult. There are many things to consider. Before you begin, you must evaluate your needs. Some things you must know include:

  • How much you can afford for rent?
  • How much money you have to secure your apartment in deposits and fees?
  • What are the requirements in the area you are searching for?
  • How accessible is transportation if you do not own an automobile?
  • Is there parking available for residents in the complex you are considering?
  • What amenities are a “must have” for you?
  • How long will you need the apartment?

Below we will help you create a working apartment search portfolio. This portfolio will allow you to be prepared in the event that you find an available apartment.

Differences Between the USA and Nigeria

If you are considering living in the United States, you have a lot of options. Apartments come in all sizes and with unique properties. For example, The Urban Avenue is a well-known apartment facility in Dallas, Texas. People moving to Dallas or relocating temporarily for business will find The Urban Avenue does a lot of the work for you. When you visit their website, they answer most of the questions you have. The facility has the most modern amenities available.

This is an apartment community. There is a beautiful pool and areas to socialize with your neighbors. The grounds are spacious, but the trip to the business area of the city is close by and there is public transportation if you need it.

This is far different from renting an apartment in Lagos, Nigeria. The cost of living in Lagos is high. Even though the government has recently offered many incentives for homeownership, the majority of the citizens of Nigeria cannot afford to buy a house. This makes it sometimes difficult to find a rental.

Move in cost

In the USA a deposit and the first month’s rent is usually required, along with a contract that shows your agreement for anywhere from six months to a year. There is also a cleaning deposit. The electric company may transfer your utilities to the apartment or if you are from out of town, they will require a deposit to turn on your power.

Lagos, Nigeria has different standards. Most landlords in Lagos require their tenants to pay for the rent from one to three years in advance.  Lagos is a world class-destination. There are luxury hotels, restaurants, beaches, shops, and a thriving nightlife. Lagos has been called the city that never sleeps. These perks plus good public transportation and the employment opportunities that Lagos offers makes this city highly sought after.

Guest house Business

Apartment Search

Below you will find tips on saving money when searching for an apartment.

  • Prioritize your search
    • Are you willing to live in a studio or a flat?
    • How many bedrooms do you need?
    • Are you willing to sublet an apartment?
    • Is the option of sharing an apartment with someone an option?
    • Do you have pets?
  • Make a financial plan
    • Prepare a budget
    • Determine how much you can pay on the front end?
  • Check with a realtor or an apartment company that will search for you. However, be prepared to pay them a fee. In some cases, they charge a percentage of the rental fees.

Ways to Save Money While Searching For Apartment

  • Consider neighboring cities. For example, Abuja and Some part of Lagos Island is very expensive. But neighboring places in the Mainland is much less expensive and you still have a little bit of paradise.
  • While searching for your apartment, opt to buy fresh food from food vendors instead of eating in a restaurant. The food is wonderful and locally grown and very inexpensive.
  • Contact the property owner and arrange to have the application and a list of requirements sent to you. If the requirements are acceptable and if it is in line with your financial plan, arrange to fill out the paperwork online.
  • Check local advertising to find private rentals.
  • Inquire about the cost of power, and transportation.
  • Consider taking a roommate.
  • Ask for references and check them. Property managers are accustomed to asking for references. Do not hesitate to ask for theirs. You want to know in advance if there are hidden costs you are not prepared for.
  • Do as much searching and checking as possible before you make the trip. When you are ready to make a visit, make appointments with as many people as possible and create a route that will allow you to travel between them without wasting fuel, transportation fees, and time.

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You will be successful in your search if you are patient and cautious. Be honest with yourself about your financial situation and only accept a lease in a price range you can afford. If you follow these tips your relocation will be easy.




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