Tips On How To Start A Turkey Farm In Nigeria

Tips On How To Start A Turkey Farm In Nigeria

Do you know you can start a turkey farm in Nigeria and make a fortune from it? Turkey and chicken meat are held in high regards in Nigeria. You can capitalize on this and make the best of the situation.

The truth is that some people are turkey freaks in the country. Others are drawn to chicken and beef and other kinds of meat. Very few people here are vegetarians and their number is infinitesimal. Others too eat any kind of meat. No preference whatever.

So you can start a turkey farm in Nigeria because it is profitable. We are going to give you tips on how to start turkey business in Nigeria.

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How to start a turkey farm in Nigeria

  1. Determine that you want to start a turkey farm in Nigeria

This is the first task you get done when you want to start a turkey farm in Nigeria. You need to determine if raising turkeys for business is what you want to do with your life. You need to understand turkey rearing because it is more technical than poultry farming. This decision to start a turkey farm in Nigeria is crucial to your success. Take some time to introspect on the implications it will have for you and get ready to give a go or forgo it.

  1. Study about Turkeys

Everything in life requires that you study it very well before you succeed in it. Turkey farming is not different. You need to take out time to study the product so as to understand it.

You need to understand the various species there- if any, how to start a business as this, the capital needed to start one, how the day to day running of the business would be like, and what have you.

You have to get all the right answers to make educated decisions about the business.

  1. Go Down to a Farm Yourself

An aspect of studying the animal or product is having a firsthand experience with a turkey farm. To this end, you should visit a turkey farm and see how things are done there.

This is like an excursion. Go with the intention of taking notes and getting practical knowledge on the subject.

  1. Determine What to Breed

Turkey has a lot of breeds. If you want to start a turkey farm in Nigeria, you need to choose the breed you want to start with. There is the broad breasted white turkey, wild bronze turkey, or the broad breasted bronze turkey so choose the one you need.

  1. Begin to Build the pen

Turkey farming is done in a pen. The next you need to when you want to start a turkey farm in Nigeria is to build a pen. This pen basically is 10 by 10 feet size. If you intend to raise more than 12 turkeys, you should consider building a sun porch.

  1. Furnish pen

When the pen or sun porch has been built, the next thing will be to furnish it. There are things that should be inside. There should be a feeder, Water trough and litter area within the pen or sun porch. Handle the water trough carefully to avoid the drowning of your turkeys.

  1. Determine the Type of Feeds

Birds naturally survive on feeds. You have to decide on the feed that is best for your birds and at what stages the birds will need them. There are the pre- starter feeds, starter feeds, grower feeds, and the finisher feeds. The feed has implications for the turkeys, so you will do well do chose wisely.

  1. Start and Be Watchful

Starting is one thing, but getting it right is another. Be cautious so that the turkeys will not take the wrong feed, drink the wrong kind of water or even get drowned. Ensure they don’t take cold water because of the effects to turkeys.

  1. Advertise your Business

People will know that you are around. It is the best part of the business. If you want to start a turkey farm in Nigeria, you must work on marketing strategies. Do both offline and online advertisement and market your products on both platforms.

  1. Stay Informed

Do not relent in continuance training. This means that you must keep getting trained so that you can always stay informed. This is because one of the ways to stay at the top in this industry is to stay informed.

Now that you have read all the steps that is required of you to take in starting your own turkey business, you have to also know that businesses like this take a little time to begin to yield profit and you must be ready to be patient.