Breaking News: SumoBank Becomes SumoTrust As We Head Into The New Year

Breaking News: SumoBank Becomes SumoTrust As We Head Into The New Year

The millennial savings and investment platform SumoBank becomes SumoTrust. This is according to the press release by the CEO, GT Igwe Chrisent regarding their change of name. “Going into our Alpha phase on 14 June 2019, Sumobank has grown from zero to serving almost 4000 customers within 6 months,” The SumoTrust CEO said in his press release. According to him, the feedback they got from their esteemed customers and users prompted the need for a change of name. In his words, “it was clear to us that the SumoBank vision just got bigger”.

Well, everything becomes clear as you work on then and in this case, the SumoBank team is always in a progressive mode. In his press release, SumoTrust CEO said that it is crystal clear that having a “Bank” attached to their name will not serve the numerous product updates they have to offer to their users and customers. According to him, “It was at this point that we at SumoBank decided to have a new name that perfectly agrees with our updates in the coming months and years”.

“It is with a heart of pleasure and warmth that we introduce to you SumoTrust” the CEO said.

SumoTrust is the same as SumoBank. The only thing that changed is that SumoTrust now has more advanced and better savings and investment features. These news features are there to help you grow and manage your finances better on a global scale.

The New Features And Updates On SumoTrust

The rebranding of SumoBank to SumoTrust came with a number of new updates that includes the following:

  • The addition of NUBAN Account number

Yes, it allows you to have a personal and unique “bank” account number for all transactions with your SumoTrust account.  This means that all SumoTrust users and customers will be assigned their SumoTrust account numbers. You can send the account number to your friends, family, business associates to credit your account seamlessly, the same way you make use of your commercial bank accounts.

SumoBank becomes SumoTrust

The SumoTrust NUBAN account number makes it quite easy for users to credit their kick account on SumoTrust. There is no need to have someone credit your commercial bank account for you to credit savings. When your kick account has been credited using the new NUBAN account numbers, you can seamlessly credit your different savings options on SumoTrust.

  • Addition of group savings feature

With this feature, you can enter into a coalition for a savings goal with your friends, co-workers, business associates, and so on. The purpose is to provide groups with an avenue to save towards a goal without the challenges and risks of individuals being in charge of the money.

SumoBank becomes SumoTrust

We have heard of cases where individuals come together to raise money for a specific purpose and one or two of them abscond with the money. With the group savings feature on SumoTrust, such cases will not see the light of day and you can have peace of mind that your money is safe and secure.

Other Features to Follow as SumoBank Becomes SumoTrust

Chrisent also said that they have a “learn product” which will be announced a few months from now. According to him, the product will be released on Entorm which is one of the leading entrepreneurial platforms in Nigeria. He said that the new product will enable users to learn and teach anything from anywhere around the world. Due to the partnership between Entorm and SumoTrust, all Sumotrust users will get every premium course at a discount rate.

The second quarter of 2020 will also see the SumoTrust team introduce a very unique investment product. The CEO said it allows users to grow wealth for their lifetime. Well, let’s watch and see how it all unfolds before our eyes come 2020, and be rest assured I will always keep you updated.




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