A Descriptive Guide to Solo Ads and How To Buy/Use it

A Descriptive Guide to Solo Ads and How To Buy/Use it

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You may have heard or read about solo ads, but you don’t know exactly what it is. And you want to know all the nut and bolts about these ads before making any investment in the paid traffic. This article is going to tell you how you can make effective use after you decide to buy solo ads, what are solo ads and about the best practices of these ads. To go with that the article would also mention some caution you should take care of.

Introduction to solo ads

It is primarily a common form of paid marketing used in internet-based marketing. To be more precise as a buyer you buy the clicks from the other email list. This sounds from a different world but it happens here only and now it is a widely accepted practice.

In this, you have a solo ads seller like petar solo ads who has the list, and then you have a buyer who buys the list at an agreed price. The buyer is the party who is willing to advertise its product. A buyer can be an individual or a company. The buyer just needs to prepare the content and send the link to the seller. The seller would email the promotional mail to all the people on the list. This is how it works.

How you can use solo ads?

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Solo ads are relatively more cost-effective that many social media platforms such as Facebook. This is why its popularity is ever increasing. One of the reasons you would find for their low prices is its accuracy. Their accuracy is not much in comparison to others that is why these ads cannot charge a robust amount. You as a buyer do not get the luxury to choose age group, demographics from the list. The list is what you will get at a certain price.

The best use for solo ads is list building

Link building is without any doubt is the most common use of solo ads. You have paid an amount for the clicks that you will get on the link, but you do not know the people on the list and vice versa. Hence why would you waste such traffic? So what will you do? You will send it to the squeeze page or lead page. And there you can get an email address. In this way, you can copy email of the address of someone else to your own and now you can start emailing your promotional content to them. That is why to buy solo ads is a profitable proposition.

You should not send offers directly to them

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This is a common mistake many people who buy these ads are obsessed with a quick return to your investment. But in real life it does not happen this fast. If you send the promotional message to your list immediately then you are like to get inferior returns. People will not give you any attention and you would find very few who have read the content and click on the link. This will be a detrimental result for both the buyer as well as the seller. Therefore, irrespective you are looking to buy solo ads or to sell it, you need to be patient with the list you have. A better way of doing this is to send different content initially and make them aware of your presence and then you should send the real content. And if you capture emails of a similar set of people again and again then you have a much better chance of recouping your investment.

Some other uses of solo ads

It is quite evident that you can capture email addresses. But there are several other uses you can enjoy with solo ad traffic. You might bother about the falling rate of email opening and clicking. People start believing that most of the email addresses on the list are dead. You would put them on another list.

But do not think that these are the people who have been bombarded with emails already, and putting them on another list is also not going to fetch favorable results. Now you must be thinking about how to tackle such a situation. What we can suggest is you can take them to a page where they can opt for a push notification instead of signing up for your email list. This is not a sure-shot way of luring the potential prospects but it is worth mentioning.

You can follow up with an offer

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This is another widely used practice in this business. What you do is? You follow up on the users who have opted for your free letter with the offer. In this, you send people directly to the offer instead of sending them to the signup page of your website. Then you can automatically redirect them to your sign up or thank you page.

This what would make them curious about knowing the product or service you have come up with? And hence your investment to buy solo ads will like to reap benefits.

Let us suppose you are required to show a video comprised of a letter that you have on a webpage. Now what you can do you can redirect the traffic to that page. Now handling this cold traffic becomes an issue. People who are party to it have no idea who you are. They have never heard or read about this product that you are promoting. So it is for sure that the conversion rate will be lower than usual. But that sale also works towards paying the cost you bourn to make people aboard to your email list.

Hence, it the end I hope it must be clear to our readers that in what proportion you should buy solo ads. In addition to that how these ads can be used to generate desired traffic and what are the key points which you need to ponder on while using the services of these ads. But one can say that solo ads are one of the fastest ways to reach thousands of potential prospects.





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