Birthday Letter From GT Igwe Chrisent, Chairman GT Group and CEO, Sumotrust and Truzact

Hello Geng 30s, I just got admitted here please welcome me and wish me the best of 30s.

Igwe Chrisent

But hmmm…

In all honesty, time is running so fast cos my turning 20 still feels like yesterday but here we are today talking about 30.

It’s my birthday once again and I can’t help it but be grateful to God for everything he has done with me.

My life has always been nothing but testimony and if I were to go back to a time, I will still come back as GT.

Happy birthday to me; Igwe Chrisent Nnamdi turn GT Igwe Chrisent.

Today, I will like to talk to and advise my peers in their 20s,

I don’t know who this will help but read and share with others.

See, I look back on what I have done in my 20s and I’m proud of it. from discovering my purpose of life to build something with great prospects out of nothing but family support and passion.

In a clearer context to that statement, I seem to have control of everything I’ve done with my life. 

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4 different Limited liability companies with 5 active and well-performing brands make up our baby tech conglomerate with the potential of landing us a multi-billion dollar networth in this decade.

While I’m still figuring things out, it’s somehow better to hear from the horse’s mouth, so this is my life blueprint at 20’s; take it and use it. It might help you.

  1. Discovery.

Thank God for a great family and parental upbringing. 

If you’re coming from a broken family, know that you’re in a better position to prove to the world that a broken family does not only produce broken family people.

Your 20’s are for discovering yourself and gaining clarity in life. 

You must be interested in something and be very careful what you put your interest into as they will define the philosophical foundations that will ride you through your mid-life.

Somebody inspires you right? 


Go close to them and if you don’t have access to them, go online and read every material you can read about them to understand their own foundation.

When you do, separate your life positions and pick the one that is more practical to you as a starter.

  • Learn and experiment 

Learn everything you can learn while you’re in your 20s and have got hot and fresh blood pumping in your body system.

Go all out.

Be very inquisitive and ask questions.

When you hear answers, experiment with them and have a first-hand experience of what they are.


  • Take multiple risks.

Be Very very daring.

Take both careful and careless risks.

Jump into every opportunity and try to gather real field experience in different places.

Don’t try to be too niched too early…. Also, see what’s happening in other places.

  • Don’t ask for breakthroughs you can’t carry, it will kill you.

While aiming to hit it big at a young age, do try to rush into a Jew level of success that you don’t have the carrying capacity. 

What I mean here is, if you have never successfully managed a business of 1M, don’t ask for 10M, and if you have t successfully handled 10M, don’t ask for 100M.

You will get overwhelmed and will likely burn the money on irrelevant things.

It will put you under pressure and a lot will be at risk at that point.

  • Fall in love, be vulnerable, it makes you human.

Well, you wouldn’t want to be like me; That is all logical with almost everything you should have empathy for.

Apparently, I’m a logical and data-driven person and this is most times not good for relationships with the other gender.

They don’t like their men super humans when it comes to their case but of course, they like you superhuman outside them… 


  • Get your priorities right. 

To be straightforward here, get your priorities right and do the most important things first before others.

Don’t forget time is running and you’ve wasted every second you spend on unimportant things.

Your time is very important.

Don’t be seen everywhere and when you show up, show up extraordinarily.

I still have a lot to say but I will stop here before I make you read another novel.

I wish you the best and thanks for reading to this end.

Just to conclude, if you don’t have an account with Sumotrust and Truzact, do download the apps from your favorite app stores and see the amazing things we’re doing with these companies.

Until next time, see you on the bright side.





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