Why You Should Use A Milk Replacer For Calves

Why You Should Use A Milk Replacer For Calves

milk replacer for calves

Inventions and innovations continue to play a huge role in shaping various home sciences, businesses, the education sector and even how people communicate. The agricultural sector has not been left behind either, both in cattle farming and crop cultivation.

Before the adoption of an innovative approach to defining a new way of doing agriculture, a lot of research work usually goes into it. A lot of precaution and care is usually observed to improve the growth of cattle, for example, from a very young age.

milk replacer for calves

Milk replacers are one of the latest additions to the field of agriculture that has revolutionized cattle rearing. Milk replacers usually come in different nutrients compositions and chemicals depending on their protein components for use in calves.

They are used as a source of food for calves from just a few weeks after birth since they are usually unable to properly digest natural fodder. Through milk replacer meals, calves have access to fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. Discussed below are some of the reasons why you should adopt milk replacers for your calves today:


Calf milk replacer is a feeding product that is nutritionally customized to contain nutrients that are naturally present in milk. This comes as a necessary substitute since most cattle farmers sell the raw cow milk which usually leaves the calves with little to feed on.

With milk replacers, the same essential nutrients for  the growth and development of calves such as minerals, vitamins, proteins, albumins, fats, and anti-bodies are still availed to them. However, it is important to note that due to this customization, milk replacers may usually vary from one to another to suit various calf requirements. Therefore, before acquiring one, it is important to determine what type it is.

Rich nutritional and chemical composition

A suitable calves milk replacer is typically composed of about twenty-five percent protein which is vital for the development of muscle mass and about twenty percent healthy, easily digestible fat. Some of the milk replacers available in the market may contain natural proteins which may make them more expensive as a result.

Other than the natural protein composition, milk replacers contain other compounds such as casine, whey protein, and skimmed milk. These compounds also help calves to gain weight and reduce their indigestion changes and susceptibility to bovine infections.

Reduces disease infection risk

Raw milk from cows may expose the calf to various diseases such as Jone’s disease and some others. Through pasteurization, various diseases found in the milk are usually eliminated from it through the boiling process. The temperature rise in the milk is not ideal for bacteria survival which makes it hard for them to stay alive. Therefore, through milk replacers, this risk of cow-to-calf infection through the milk is greatly reduced.


The farmer must take care of the calves as they grow and develop in strength and ability. For this reason, it is important to provide them with the much-needed nutrients that they need without having to expose them to disease infection risk. Calf milk replacer provides an ideal option for being able to achieve all this and many more as discussed in the article. Get your milk replacers today for healthier calves.



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