Pig Breeds Best Suited For Commercial Pig Farming In Nigeria

Pig Breeds Best Suited For Commercial Pig Farming In Nigeria

Pig breeds will either make or mar your pig farming business in Nigeria; it all depends on how well you have done in selecting the best breed. Venturing into commercial pig farming with a poor breed of pig will certainly affect your business negatively. We shall be considering some of the numerous indigenous types of pig in Nigeria so that you can make a well informed choice among the different breeds of pig in Nigeria.

You should know that not all the different types of pig in Nigeria is best suited for commercial pig farming. Apart from feeding and housing, it is the pig breed that you choose to raise in your farm is the major determinant of your profit margin in the course of the business.

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There are some of the pig species or breeds that are very slow at reaching maturity, poor feed converters, small body weights, etc. the above mentioned characteristics are very bad for pig farming business in Nigeria.

For the profit margin and return on investment, you have to consider some of these pig breeds. With one or a mixture of these breeds of pig, you are guaranteed a “fat” return on investment.

This article will help you with all you need to know regarding:

  • The biggest breeds of pig in Nigeria
  • The breeds of pig best suited for meat production
  • The pig species or breds that mature very fast
  • The best indigenous breeds of pig in Nigeria
  • The best local breeds of pig in Nigeria

The List Of Best Pig Breeds For Commercial Farming In Nigeria

When considering the local breeds of pig in Nigeria, or the indigenous pig breeds, there are certain characteristics that you must see before you conclude that such local pig breed in Nigeria is among the best.

Now let us examine some of the characteristics of the best pig breeds suited for commercial pig farming in Nigeria. These best breeds of pig include;

  • Large white
  • Landrace
  • Duroc
  • Poland china

The Large White Breed

This is an indigenous pig breed in Nigeria that originated from Yorkshire, hence the name Yorkshire pig. This particular pig breed was first identified in 1868 in North America. Since then, the large which breed of pig has been widely used in crossbreeding all around the world.

pig breeds

It is specifically used for intensive pig farming business. Going by the name, it is a big white pig that has erect ears and a slightly dished face. This particular breed is known to have moderately long head with a broad stout. It also has an evenly full long neck with a deep wide chest.

This particular pig breed is an efficient feed utilizer. The mature male weighs between 300 kg – 450 kg while the mature female weighs between 250 kg to 350 kg.

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The American Landrace

This is one of the medium to large breeds of pig used for commercial pig farming in Nigeria. It is also while in color like that of the large white breed, but they have very large and heavy drooping ears. The particular breed is one of the numerous pig breeds specifically meant for meat production.

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This pig breed has long deep side with relatively short legs. It also has long deep side with heavy lo ears. It has leaner carcass than meat and a less back fat.  It is also an efficient feed utilize. The mature boar weighs about 380 kg while a mature sow weighs about 320 kg. This is one of the best  breeds of pig best suited for pork production.

The Duroc

pig breeds

This pig breed is popularly known for its excellent weight gain rate and high feed utilizer. It has a moderate red color. It is among the top pig breeds for high reproduction rate. The female Duroc gives birth to about 15 piglets.

The matured Duroc weighs about 350 kg – 400 kg for matured sow and boar respectively.

Poland China

This pig breed is black in color with patches off white on the stout, face, and feet. The Poland China has very large body size and floppy ears. When talking about the best breeds of pig for reproduction, this pig breed is on top of the list. It is capable of giving to about 16 – 17 piglets per farrow.

pig breeds


It has well developed feet and legs with a very strong bone. It attains maturity very fast and is also a very good feed converter. The mature boar weighs between 250 kg – 360 kg, while the matured sow weighs between 225 kg and 300 kg.

The different breeds of pig that are discussed in this article can be gotten from any standard pig breeders or pig farm in Nigeria. While you are planning on starting your pig farming business in Nigeria, you should do well to consider researching on the best pig breeds suited for your piggery business in Nigeria.


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