How To Start Pigeon Farming Business In Nigeria: Your Complete Guide

How To Start Pigeon Farming Business In Nigeria: Your Complete Guide

Pigeon farming

Pigeon farming business in Nigeria is not really a popular agribusiness investment in Nigeria, but the business is very profitable. Aside from the fact that you can get meat and eggs from the pigeon, they can be used to beautify the environment. You can also use them as pets in your home and you will really enjoy the presence of these birds.

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Pigeon farming is really very profitable and pigeons are a very interesting set of birds. In pigeon farming business in Nigeria, you will require less labor and capital investment as well. In fact, you can raise and take care of your pigeon farm during your free time. Health experts say the meat of baby pigeon is very nutritious and quite restorative as well.

In the market, these baby pigeons (squabs) are always in high demand. It is much more profitable and lucrative to use modern methods in your pigeon farming business in Nigeria. You don’t have to “break” the bank in order to start a pigeon farm business, unlike other poultry birds. To be successful in your pigeon farming business, all you have to do is use modern techniques and take good care of your birds as well.

Why Start Pigeon Farming Business In Nigeria?

Well, when you consider the less stressful nature of the business and the profitability compared to other domestic birds; then you will agree it’s worth the try. Pigeon farming business requires far less capital to start. You can even start the pigeon farm business with two males and females pigeon respectively. The birds also start to lay eggs at 5 to 6 months of age.

Pigeons produce about 2 baby pigeons per month on the average; therefore your pigeon farming business can turn commercial within just a year. With just little investment, you can put up your pigeon house which is opposite of what is obtainable in the rearing of other poultry birds.

You won’t have to spend a fortune in order to feed your pigeons as they are quite capable of catering for themselves. By investing in small capital and labor, you are guaranteed a maximum profit in pigeon farming agribusiness investment. The baby pigeons (squabs) are always in high demand as they are good components of a patient’s diet.

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Requirements For Starting Your Commercial Pigeon Farming In Nigeria

Before starting your pigeon farming business in Nigeria, especially large scale farming; there are things you must have in place. These major requirements include the following:

  • Well-detailed business plan

If you want to venture into large scale pigeon farming business in Nigeria, then you must have a business plan. The business plan helps you to really have a good hold on the business you are venturing into. It also helps you to position yourself for success in the business. Without your business plan, you will simply be operating your business devoid of direction and target as well. You might be thinking that there is no need for a pigeon farming business plan, but you will be surprised at the positive impact it can have on your business.

You need to know that a business plan is an indispensable part of every good business venture.

  • Your pigeon housing requirements

At the very center of your pigeon farming business is the housing for the pigeons. The good thing here is that housing is very cheap to come by. You can even make use of a carton large enough to contain the pigeons; all you have to do is ensure that water doesn’t get to the carton. For a commercial pigeon farming business, you need to construct a good housing for the pigeons.

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You can also build a mini-poultry house for the pigeons and ensure that you prevent openings where predators can gain access.

  • Selecting your pigeon breeds

When starting your pigeon farming business in Nigeria, you have to decide on the pigeon breed to raise on your farm. You can choose between bullet pigeon breeds, meat pigeon breeds. On a general note, there are two major pigeon breeds. We have meat productive pigeon breeds and the entertaining breeds.

The meat productive pigeon breeds include the white king, Texona, silver king, lokha, and gola. For the entertaining pigeon breeds, there are moyurponkhi, Shirazi, Lahore, fantail, Modena, templar, etc. on a general note; the major purpose of pigeon farming is their meat production. When you understand the good pigeon breeding techniques, it will increase your chance of being successful in the business.

  • Pigeon feeds

Pigeons eat wheat, corn, paddy, rice, enamel, legume, gram, etc. For proper growth, you need to serve your pigeons with a balanced diet. You can also serve your pigeons with chicken feeds. It is very vital that you take note of the fact that pigeon feed should contain 15-16% protein. On a daily basis, a pigeon consumes between 35 to 50 grams of grainy feeds. You can also feed your pigeons with bone powder, salt, oyster shell, etc.

For the squabs, they don’t need extra feed for 5 to 10 days because they feed on crop milk from their parent’s stomach. After this stage, they become able to fly and feed themselves. You should always keep fresh feed and clean water near their house for easy accessibility.

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  • Pigeon egg production

The female pigeon starts laying eggs when they reach 5 to 6 months. After this stage, they start laying two eggs per month. For this to happen, you should always keep your pigeons in pairs of male and female. It takes about 18 days for pigeon eggs to hatch. You should know that squabs’ production is far more profitable than just consuming the eggs.

  • Pigeon diseases

When it comes to pigeon farming, diseases are comparatively less than other poultry birds. Diseases like tuberculosis, paratyphoid, cholera, pox, influenza, and Newcastle disease affect pigeons. Pigeons also suffer from louse and other malnutrition diseases. You should always seek the advice and services of an experienced veterinarian when you notice any disease outbreak on your pigeon farm.

It is very important that you quarantine sick pigeons from healthy ones to prevent the spread of the disease. You also need to keep them worm free and feed them with a balanced diet.


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