Twinpine Mobile Advertising Network – an Overview

Twinpine Mobile Advertising Network – an Overview

Mobile advertising has become a necessity with the recent increase in the number of mobile sites and apps. This has led to the establishment of mobile advertising comanies, one of which is Twinpine. Twinpine is owned and managed by Nigerians. Twinpine helps advertisers to reach mobile audiences through the display of targeted ads on mobile sites and aps. The owners of these websites where the ads are displayed are called publishers. The publishers earn a percentage of the cost of advertising.

The Twinpine clientele include renowned brands like MTN, Pepsi, Autodesk, Jobberman and other leading advertising agencies. Top Nigerian mobile publishers in the categories of news, sports, business, entertainment, sport and social networking. Twinpine effectively helps brands to achieve their marketing goals.

Due to the quality of service provided by Twinpine as well as the great value business and brands get from advertising on its platform, the company reported over 254 million impressions on its platform in Nigeria in the first 3 months of operation. The Twinpine brand, is an ever growing and expanding one.

Twinpine Mobile Advertising

How does Twinpine Mobile Advertising work?

Twinpine is a Nigerian owned mobile advertising company.  Its activities are similar to advertising networks like Adsence and AdBrite. Twinpine serves as a link between Advertisers and Publishers. Twinpine is an advertising broker whose niche is majorly mobile sites and apps.

Here’s how it works. Registration on Twinpine Advertising network is done by mobile sites and apps publishers. On the other hand, Advertisers are also required to register with Twinpine so as to be able to display targeted ads on mobile sites and apps. Therefore, Twinpine allows publishers to be linked with advertisers who can help them monetize their websites.

Twinpine enables an advertisers to target Ads by time, days of the week, age and sex. All the advertiser needs to do is to place the campaigns and select the mobile sites he wants the ads to be published.

Targets Ads from a Twinepine advertiser are displayed when a mobile user visits the mobile site of a Twinpine publisher. If the mobile user is interested in the Ad and clicks on the it, the value of the click is deducted from the advertisers’ account. The publishers’ account is credited with 60% of that cost and 40% goes to Twinpine. Mode of payment is via Naira denominated cheques.

In order to be qualified for withdrawal, you need to make the minimum payout within the cycle period. For publishers, the minimum payout is $100 and the initial payment cycle is 60 days. Subsequently, the payment cycle is 30 days. When earnings don’t meet the minimum payout within a cycle, it will be carried over to the next cycle.

Requirements for Joining Twinpine

The basic requirements for publishers interested in joining theTwinpine mobile advertising network is a website with enough mobile traffic. Which means that the website should have quality content that will attract traffic needed by Twinpine advertisers. The website does not necessarily have to be a mobile site but must be able to function well on mobile devices.

The basic requirements for advertisers interested in joining the Twinpine Advertising network is to book for a minimum of 10,000 clicks. A good landing page is also needed for your Ads so that when you start getting clicks, they can be easily converted. Also, advertisers would enjoy up to 20% discount as the number of clicks increases.

How to join Twinpine?

Mobile publishers and advertisers interested in being a part of the Twinpine mobile advertising network, should sign up on the Twinpine website at For more information on Twinpine Mobile Advertising Network, you can see the FAQ page on the website.