SEO is For Broke Bloggers While AD Campaigns Is For Rich Bloggers

SEO is For Broke Bloggers While AD Campaigns Is For Rich Bloggers

What will you do if at the end of this article, you end up on the same lane with me that ‘SEO is for broke bloggers and AD campaigns is for the rich bloggers’ in the blogosphere. Before now, i also made a claim that

Entrepreneurs are the laziest people on earth and i have backed it up with valid points.

On the second thought, this is quit a big provocation as you wouldn’t want to hear this from anyone that calls himself a blogger because search engine optimization is the bedrock that every bloggers must rely on before recording a huge success in blogging.

I must be crazy to say ‘SEO, being one of the best strategy and practices adopted by bloggers and webmasters to get high rankings from search engines is meant for bloggers that are broke and does not have money’

Ok, let’s get this straight now!

Broke guys are calm; spend waits for their turn to reach, while rich guys are always attributed to pride, lavish spending and bypasses orders.

There are just few cases then you see irregularities is the above line, but normally, those are the attributes of a rich guy and a broke guy.

SEO is for broke and patient bloggers waiting for search engine to show mercy…. The big fishes don’t have that time. They buy the SEOs and get good social signals and eventually, the search engines come to them. If you think I’m not making sense, go to big brands like Buzzfeed, NAIJ, Pulse NG, Naijaloaded¸Gossip Mill and the rest and see some sense. They all started with major promotions during their early days.

Let me make another claim,

‘Show me the richest blogger, and I will show you the richest viral blogger’ both locally and internationally.

Let’s look at Linda Ikeji’s Blog and Gossip Mill’s Blog, the SEO work on the mentioned blogs are crap, yet, they are kicking SEO guys out of Gossip updates.

Blogging is gradually becoming a business for the rich as they come in and invest heavily into Ads which gives those very good social signals. Don’t’ forget that Social Signal is another huge factor and play a very vital role in search engine optimization.

See the two controversial post I made on Facebook and broke bloggers and the reactions below

Alex Becker, the Founder of Market Hero and source Wave reacted to the post and below are the comments he made

  • Blogging in 2017 is for idiots (especially if your traffic strategy is SEO). Running profitable advertising…is smart no matter what the fuck you’re doing…SEO is a form of getting traffic and in certain situations is better than paid traffic…in other situations its not.
  • I can create a offer, run a ad to it and make money tomorrow. You can’t do that with SEO. i can create an awesome video on Youtube and it can get 100k views even if I have no following. Where SEO is extremely strong is if a company is established and has money flowing in.
  • If I had based Market Hero around SEO traffic I would have gone bankrupt waiting for results. On the contrary I can kick up a offer and ad $10k a day in revenue almost instantly.
  • That being said, now that the business is running NOW I can afford to wait for SEO to kick in and deliver a ton of super cost efficient traffic in a couple months and open up an entire new revenue stream.
  • Internet marketing isn’t just blogging or SEO or paid traffic. Its getting a fuck ton of people somewhere in the most efficient way possible. Blogging is extremely inefficient and SEO is not always the most efficient. If you focus on ONLY SEO and BLOGGING you are being inefficient.
  • SEO is fucking expensive in a competitive niche so no its not for poor bloggers. It’s not for poor anyone. It’s EXTREMELY cheap and efficient in local niches and low search volume high ROI terms (aka not blogging terms which require mass traffic)
  • If you’re a poor blogger, share your content manually on YT, FB, Reddit, Forums. You will get way better results. ^^^manual traffic is for poor bloggers and it works.
  • Again not shitting on blogging or SEO, its how I got my start. But blogging is just not what it used to be and has been replaced by video to a huge extent (look at casey neistat, tai lopez, etc). SEO is an amazing traffic strategy in certain niches; blogging is not one of them. The best way to grow a blog would be paid traffic to email list to blog.
  • If you want to start a free following, you’d be way better off making viral style videos on YT and doing YT SEO. Then retarget your viewers with ads on YT and make fucking bank. It’s not hard to make 2-5k a month just doing that with even a small following on YT.

Starting up as a newbie blogger without investment capital always takes lots of time to produce results and that’s where the problem comes in where newbies bloggers can’t wait for such a long to start making money from blogging, thereafter, they eventually quiet and say there is not result.

  • What if they had the money to invest into Ads?
  • Do you think they won’t invest the money into ads and other SEO services if they had the money?

Obviously, broke bloggers are out of investment capital and can’t invest because they don’t have, after all, you use money to make money and nobody will bypass the huge chances of investing into blogging knowing fully well that they’re going to get better returns at the end.

They ads must produce better results because you build

  • Social signal which is part and good for SEO
  • Brand visibility and mentions which increases direct clicks
  • More earnings for people using display ads like Google Adsense
  • Building and growing your fan base within a short while.

Now tell me, how do people who don’t have money go about this if not to settle for SEO, wait for results and then, eventually go into what the rich bloggers are doing.

Even the big brands hire professional SEO experts to do the job for them which every newbie blogger must be patient to learn if they don’t have the money to outsource for SEO services.

You are broke when you don’t have money.

Reasons Why Search Engine Optimization Is For Broke Bloggers While Ads Are For the Rich Bloggers

  1. High Spending

Just as earlier said, people who don’t have money can’t spend money and there are no two ways about it unless you involve yourself into fishy game of taking something that does not belong to you.

The rich spend; the broke manage while the poor strive. Now, switching it to blogging terms, it become the rich bloggers spend; the broke bloggers manage while the poor bloggers strive.

  • In 18 months, Anik Singal, CEO of Lurn, Inc. spent over $3.5 Million into FaceBook Ads alone. He is currently worth over $100 Million.
  1. Even Neil Patel, one of the top SEO experts in the world spends over $12,000 on Facebook on daily basis.

So the rich bloggers are using their money to get instant results while they wait for SEO results being the long term goal.

The broke manage the little they have and depend on search engine to rank their website after they must have followed all the good blogging /SEO practices.

If you’re a broke blogger and you’re impatient to wait for search engine optimization results, then you are a poor blogger.

  1. Fast Results

Quote me anywhere, Doing search engine optimization can never give you overnight result no matter how good you are in the SEO same. Paid traffic produces instant result and you’re making back your profits instantly. Only people whi have money can invest into adverts, hence, you’re broke if you can’t and they best you can do is follow the good practices of search engine optimization for good rankings which takes months if not years for some very competitive keywords to come.

The medium which you’re promoting from does not matter; the important thing is that you have high targeted traffic coming into your blog/website.

Don’t forget that no business survives without converting customers and the best way to get started is having as many people as you want coming to your website then, they can filter themselves out into the converting leads and the bounces.

Hence, it’s advisable you use social media ads ad you’re getting Good social signals along the line which in turn improves your SEO practices.

I will say it ‘killing two birds with one stone’

  1. Instant Brand Recognition

Running ads using any platform which can be Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords, Quora ads, Instagram Ads, black hat world ads, etc gives you instant brand recognition and authority within your niche.

Imagine investing heavily into Facebook adverts to millions of people of 6 months. You will discover that people will start getting used to your brand’s name without being told as this is something they see every day and trust me, Known and authority brand sale and convert way better than brands that aren’t popular.


No business opportunity should be lest untouched, both SEO for good rankings and Viral advertisements. If you’re broke  while blogging and cannot afford to go into ads which can be very costly, then Focus on SEO and be patient to produce Results.

NOTE: SEO is very good and every business on the internet must adopt it for a long term survival, but don’t expect to do better than those taking up the extra cost of heavy ad budgets as they get instant social signal, brand mentions, higher engagements and instant conversion and lots more.

If you’re a broke blogger, then watch this video from Neil Patel on How to Do SEO in a Competitive Industry When You Have No Money.

 To round up, Newbie bloggers and blogger who are broke should focus on SEO until results start popping in, then, they can go into instant promotions without waiting for Google and other search engines to rank them.

Don’t forget that ‘SEO is for broke bloggers while Ad campaigns are for the rich bloggers.



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