How to Start a Successful Advertising Company in Nigeria

Advertising agency is a new opportunity for people with marketing skills and sales expertise. Starting an advertising agency in Nigeria will yield profit considering the rate of rising businesses from technology to manufacturing and service base business.

Advertisers connect businesses with customers in a unique way and to start an advertising agency in Nigeria, once has to be equipped with the skills because knowing what to do won’t lead you to success but having the depth knowledge of how to go about it will give you the edge. Many advertising agency in Lagos has adopted online platform of reaching to their potential clients and increasing their engagement and this is a good advantage considering the rate Nigerians visit social media websites. Advertising is the art of winning people over and delivering it with the equipments, technology and good management skills will drive your business to become a huge company in the sector.

Promoting is more than just advertisements. Promoting is the way the customer demonstrates itself to the world. Marketing agencies in Nigeria need to offer a customer some assistance with approaching innovation, online networking, and offering its items. The advertising agency needs to know how to innovate the customer’s brand and recreate the image of business to appear awesome in the market. below is;

How to start an Advertising agency in Nigeria

1. Make a choice

Decide the type of advertising agency you will like to start in Nigeria. As a beginner, you have to concentrate on some specific category of advertising where you are better at before employing people who will guide and assist you in reaching out to many other ways.

Some of the major types of advertising in Nigeria are;

Broadcasting: This is a method of using television; radio etc. to broadcast your message to the listeners or viewers. It has been a popular way of advertising among many agencies and it drives the engagement to the client’s business especially if you do that in stations that have large viewers.

Outdoor: This is also common in Nigeria and sometimes very expensive but can drive engagement and awareness. It is often used by big brands because of its nature.

Outdoor advertising are Billboards advertising, Mobile adverts (those adverts you see in car/lorries), Kiosks, trade shows, events, rooftops etc. The prices of advertising there make it more expensive and you as an advertiser are expected to notice the hot spots and negotiate with owners of the billboards

Print Media: This is a form of advertising businesses in print platforms like newspapers, magazines, brochures, flyers, posters, etc. It is necessary to contact the companies that publish print papers for their adverts rates as rates depends on the location to which your ads will be displayed and the number of possible readers of that print.

Online advertising: This is one of the new ways of reaching your clients targeted audience by advertising with banner ads, sponsorship posts etc. to the online website that has unique thousands of visitors. There are many blogs in Nigeria and online news and magazines where you can advertise your business. This blog Entrepreneur Nigeria is a business blog that has wide visitors and readership engagement is a great place to advertise a business for your client.

Social Media: Social medial advertising is a new tactics of building fans, engaging with fans and directly answering their difficult questions. Ability to understand how you can reach to a millions of Nigeria through different platforms of social media as an advertiser is a good strategy to offer value to your clients. Some social media where you can advertise your clients businesses are, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Contextual Advertising: This is act of using a Pay per click (PPC) or pay per impression (PPM) generated ads for creating an increased awareness and engagement opportunities with your target audience. It is very realistic just like others but requires you to register with the platforms that offer those ads. It can be targeted to different countries and region depending on the target audience of your client. Some ads platforms that enable PPC are Google ad words, Bing Ads and other local Nigerian ad networks.

2. Choose a name
After deciding on which advertising types you want to start first, the next thing to do is to choose a name of your company that can be used to register for a website. A simple name that is easy to spell and pronounce according to how it sounds is very good.

3. Weigh competitors
Evaluate your competitors and see how they are doing their businesses. Check where they are most likely to be found and find an advantage that will differentiate your agency from their through an innovative principle or approach.

4. Write a business plan
A business plan will feature the description of your business, the projections of how your company will make profits and break down of costs. Also your target market and organizational structure.

5. Set Up an office
Set up an office for your business at any good location that is accessible by public transport and private car. An office with a good located address will make people to find you at ease.

6. Register your business name
Go to the nearest Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria and register your business name or company name. This is very essential to enable your business to stand out and have access to register for Association of Advertising agencies of Nigeria (AAAN) and also to register for your trademarks in the future.

7. Buy Gadgets
Purchase electronic equipment like digital camera, photo scanner, graphic arts, Adobe suite software and other fixtures that will make your shops look professionally and aid you in your work.

8. Build a website
Create a very good-looking website for your advertising agency that will feature your portfolio, contact addresses and in the future, your clients’ lists and so on.

9. Create a list
Draw a lists of local businesses around you that can you can easily contact to offer your services. After that, create lists of regional companies followed by national companies. Make up the lists and have then in big numbers for your reach out soon.

10. Contact Ads publishers
Depending on the type of ads you want to start first, contact those companies that will display the ads and ask for their different rates. Mostly some companies give 10 percent discount for agencies.

11. Hire employees
As a beginner, hire few talented people who will aid you in executing some works and most especially, people who have knowledge or experience about advertising business in Nigeria.

12. Market your business
Market your business services to the list of local and regional companies you have created in such a way to appeal them. Reach out to them in numbers and educate them of the advantage of advertising their products to more Nigerian markets.