10 Businesses To Start And Get Rich in Nigeria With Little or No Capital

If you are looking for ways to get rich legally and quickly too then welcome home, this is the article for you.

  1. Make-Up

house of tara, make up school in nigeria

Yes, Make up. If you live in Nigeria and you have ladies around you and you use the internet you would, of course, be very well acquainted with the fact that ladies do not joke with their looks, and they don’t mind investing good money in items and procedures that would enhance said looks. Yes, we know everyone is beautiful just the way they are but a good number of ladies no wan hear dah wan. They all want those sophisticated, alluring look that nothing but good quality make-up products and good make-up artistry gives. They don’t mind that it could be expensive oh! Good make-up artists are highly sought after and most of their clients stay loyal and always come back for more.

So yes one of the ways to make good legit money with little or no capital is to become a make-up artist! Now how does one become a make-up artist? All you need is make-up products which you probably already have (almost every girl has make up no matter how often they wear it), and skill.

How do you get the skill? Worry not, even if you don’t have money to pay the exorbitant fees some make-up schools charge you can always visit YOUTUBE University and learn everything you need. Or you could find a make-up school that charges less. However, YouTube is still the better option though because it costs very little money.

Good makeup artists are highly sought after for events like weddings, parties, formal occasions and so forth and if you are really good no one would mind whatever price tag you attach to your work. Who knows? You might even become a celebrity make-up artist and get rich even faster. Everyone knows celebrities don’t joke with their looks and they also have the money to spend.

  1. Snail Business


snail business

This is not so popular yet but  it is very much lucrative and it requires very little start up capital. You can even start with as little as 50 pieces and make as much Five Hundred Thousand Naira (500,000). And the amazing thing about this is you don’t need too much landmass or space for it. You can do it in your backyard!

All you have to do is buy the snails, find a convenient place to keep them, wait till they lay. You don’t even have to worry about feeding them with a special kind of feed because they feed on anything. All you need to get started is the snail, a customized pen for them and you would also need to treat the soil for them which does not cost much either.

  1. Retailing

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Retailing here means buying and selling anything and everything profit. It could be shoes, clothes, food items, accessories or whatever product you feel would give you a good turnover rate in your locality. Sometimes you could collect the items on credit if you are sure you would definitely get them sold out fast and then return then remit whoever gave the items to you his/her money and keep the profit you made to yourself. You will definitely get rich fast if your turnover rate is good. below are guide on how to start different retail business in Nigeria;

  1. Blogging

a career at entrepreneur nigeria at www.entorm.com Internet Business in nigeria

In this age and time online investments are obviously very lucrative and you can get rich blogging. Almost everyone has a reason to visit the internet. It would indeed be very prudent to take advantage of that and set up a shop on the internet. By this I mean you should find a way to get rich from online traffic and blogging is one of such ways.

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  1. Baking

These days people are always looking for reasons to eat cake, and that will be your ticket to making money. If you can’t afford to pay for a baking course you can learn from YouTube. And if you are creative enough with your cakes you will definitely be sought after.

Every single day is up to one hundred people are celebrating birthdays, having a wedding or celebrating one thing or the other that requires the presence of a cake. You can cash in on that, bake cakes and deliver to them at any fee you chose to set.

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  1. Bead Making

bead making business in nigeria

Bead making is lucrative venture solely because of its target population- the ladies. And we all know that ladies don’t mind investing in their accessories to posh up their looks at occasions or even casual outings. And the amazing thing is that you can learn it from YouTube, all you need is the beads and the rope to string the on and of course some creativity to help you make pieces worth the money you would charge for them.

You can make and sell neck pieces, bracelets, and even bags and purses. It is indeed a sure way legit way to get rich.

  1. Hair Dressing

Hairdressing is one of the oldest skills around and most girls even learn it from playing with dolls. It also a very lucrative venture because the ladies are the ones patronizing it. If you are in a locality with a huge presence or concentration of ladies then you are indeed in luck if you choose to make money from hairdressing.

All you need to make more money than the average hairdresser is a commitment to learning new styles and to always giving your best, that way every sing lady whose hair you touch will always come back wanting more.


  1. Wig making

hair attachment business

Wig making is another venture that is lucrative because, it also something a good number of ladies don’t mind spending good money on. Wigs are highly sought after because it saves ladies the stress of having to visit saloons, sit for hours just to get one hair do that they would eventually have to loosen sooner or later. With wigs they can always wear, remove and wear again for as long as they want and that is why wigs are highly sought after by ladies and that is also why you would make good money from making and selling wigs. You can learn how to make wigs from YouTube as well.

  1. Graphic Design

If you have a laptop and a creative mind then Graphic design is the business for you. Graphic design is a well sought after skill in the market today. People like to announce events in style and that is what a good graphic designer can help them do.

To learn you can always download tutorials from YouTube or whatever platform you find the on. I would have you know that people and even companies pay a sizeable amount to get their logos and posters done perfectly. Banks even have graphic designers on their payroll, companies too, all those beautiful advert posters and logos you see on television, billboards and the internet don’t fall from heaven.

The good thing on the side of graphic design is that you can get into freelancing online with it and make more money more than those that are employed by brands. Below is list of sites you can freelance as a graphic designer and make money in Nigeria

  • 99 Designs
  • Fiverr
  • Up work
  1. Networking

network marketing

Yes the last item on this list is Networking business in Nigeria because we like to be realistic. If you spent 2016 in Nigeria then you obviously don’t need me to tell you just how much money you can make from network marketing. And you need little or no capital to start. There are many networking schemes flying around, hop on one and cash in on it- as e dey hot! That’s if you can take the risk sha but then again everything in this life is a risk so what do you have to lose? It really is one of the quickest ways to get rich.

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