How to Start Ice Cream Production Business in Nigeria

Just few hours ago, I saw an ice cream van and the magnitude of people that queued up to have their own fill was enormous. Ice cream production business is highly lucrative, especially here in Nigeria cause both young and old loves to have a taste, especially children and ladies around the world. Not just for its rich and satisfying taste, but because of its nutritional health benefits.

Ice cream production business is a business you can easily start up and make money for yourself. You can start small or large scale, it all depends on your financial strength. If financial freedom is what you’ve been seeking for, then ice cream production business might just be your saviour.

Ice cream business can be done by anyone, it’s not capital-intensive or overwhelming. You can start from whatever size you want and then grow momentum overtime. One of the reasons why lots of people are afraid to venture into this business is because of the epileptic power supply in Nigeria, but with a detailed business plan, you’ll know how to overcome that weakness and turn it into an advantage.

This is going to be a detailed business plan on ice-cream production business, if you’ve any question, don’t hesitate to use the comment box and I will respond as soon as it’s received. Now let’s go down to business.

Starting an ice cream production business is very not very demanding financially, with N50,000, you can start an ice cream business provided you already have a refrigerator in your home. If you are starting small, then there will be no need for an ice cream machine.

However, if you’re starting huge, below are some of the things you need to acquire to smoothly run this profitable business on a large scale.

Refrigerator/Freezer = 55,000

Furniture = 40,000

Generator =40,000

Rent = 80,000

Miscellaneous expenses 100,000

Total = N315,000

I will advice you conduct a market survey, to be certain on the cost cause they might vary from one location to the other.

For a big starter, you’ll need some essential machines and equipment that will aid the production of quality ice cream. Most of the ice cream machine you’ll need are;

1. Measuring Equipment
2. Mixing Tank
3. Pasteurizer Machine
4. Homogenizer Machine
5. Solidifying Unit etc

There are lots of ice cream machine you can order online or buy directly from the market. There are also machines that are so sophisticated that all you’ll be doing is push some buttons while the machines makes the ice cream and get it ready.

The demand for ice cream is very high and there’s no sign of it going down anytime soon. As an ice cream maker, there are numerous ways to market your ice cream and realize lots of profits at the end of the day. One of the major factor that must not be joke with in the marketing of ice cream is the location of your business. You’ve to make sure that you’re in an open place with lots of pedestrian traffic. Ice cream has an aura that ends up attracting whoever that gets sights of it.

You can also set up tents close to churches, schools, eateries, supermarkets, cinemas, offices etc. A core strategy that has been known to work over the years is making sure that your ice cream taste unique and rich. Find out what your target market wants and go ahead to satisfy them. This is what will keep them coming.

The process of producing an ice cream is not rocket science. As of the time of writing this article, I already have one chilling on the fridge. Follow the procedure below when producing your ice cream manually.

Boiling of Milk
Chilling of milk
Mixing with all the raw materials like sugar, milk, flavor etc into a semi solid paste state
Freezing and packaging
Below are the raw materials you’ll need to produce a quality ice cream that will leave your customers wanting for more. Those ingredients can be gotten from any market near you.

1. Milk 2. Eggs 3. Creams 4. Sugar 5. Butter 6. Water 7. Flavor 8. Food colourant 9. Emulsion Stabilizers 10. Chocolate etc..

For someone who have a vision to grow and become a major producer of ice cream, getting a shop should be in your budget. Before setting up a shop, take into serious consideration the importance of situating in a good business location cause this will make or mar the growth of your enterprise.

When a good location have been gotten, build your structure to be very pleasing and relaxing. An ice cream shop is a perfect place for relaxation, have that in mind as you build and furnish the shop. As your business grow, you then consider acquiring assets like an ice cream van to ease distribution or supply. This is possible cause you will not only be selling to consumers, but also to retailers. I believe in starting small and ending big.


Ice cream production business is a profitable venture that can make you a millionaire as an entrepreneur here in Nigeria if done well. A thousand miles journey begins with a step, take a step today and you won’t regret that. Sometimes what stops us from taking charge of our dreams is the fear of failure, if we can move pass that fear, anything becomes possible. If you’ve a question regarding this business, use the comment box.