15 Business Ideas That Will Turn Nigerian Entrepreneurs Into Billionaire

15 Business Ideas That Will Turn Nigerian Entrepreneurs Into Billionaire

Last week i shared with us the basic guide on a small business in Nigeria you should check it out. today i will be sharing 15 business ideas that will turn Nigerian entrepreneurs into a billionaire if only we see investors

The poverty rate in Nigeria is becoming something else. The rich are getting richer; the poor are getting poorer. Sometimes we blame the government because of their corruption ideology and it is creating more damages to the country (right now I don’t know where Nigeria is coming from and heading to). Do you know that 90% of Nigerian citizens are depending on Nigerian government for jobs and other private sector? This is not supposed to be. Sometimes I get pissed with Nigerian education because they are all teaching us to work for organizations instead of teaching us how to catch the fish.

Though I won’t blame our teachers or lectures because they where thought same way they are doing now. The problem is just passing from one generation to another. so it has to change.

After watching a movie titled MEN WHO BUILT AMERICAN, my whole orientation becoming an entrepreneur changed. This movie is the first movie that really impacted my life since I started watching movies. If I may ask who is an entrepreneur? I know most of us will say a lot of definition about the name ENTREPRENEUR.

Though entrepreneur meaning does not have a particular definition because, so many scholars like Adam smith and the rest gave us their ideas about what it means. Like I said earlier about the movie that gave me a lot meaning to my life, I figured out the definition about who an entrepreneur is and believe this is the real definition. Please note this definition is from me. Quote me an entrepreneur is someone that makes life easy for its environment. I will back that definition up with the movie I watched about the men who built America.

I know some of us will be thinking American government where the one who built America you hear or see today. The truth is American government where not the one. It was built by citizens of great men with great ideas. These men when they started, they never knew they were developing the country. They were after making money with their ideas and fighting each other with business ideas all in the name of I want to get richer than others and become more powerful.

These five great humans namely Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan and Henry Ford are names synonymous with innovation and big business in America. Their ideas are, creating trains and railways, coals. Oil and kerosene, bridges, Electricity light bulb, Iron steel, Cars, sky scrapers and lot more. These men are citizens not government. Today they made America what it is now not government.

So this brings us back to our country Nigeria. My fellow Nigerian citizen what do you have to offer to make life easy for us since the Nigerian government is nothing to write about.

Nigerian student, why do you have this orientation of working for someone after school, why not think and bring out ideas that will bring economic growth and development? Do you know they are lot of trillions of ideas given to us by God which are yet to manifest. Why not think of business ideas that will change your life and your environment.

If you know you are the type of person that cannot think about creating one idea, why not steal business ideas from people who don’t take their ideas serious. E.g. most of us think J.P Morgan from America was the founder of electricity light bulb but the truth is that he is not the founder. Electricity light bulb was developed by Thomas Alva Edison. Then J.P Morgan bought the idea and invested his money in electricity light bulb and became richer and richer and then made Thomas Alva Edison work for him who created electricity light bulb. In this article I will be sharing with you business ideas that will make us rich and richer if only we see investors.

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For the past few weeks I have been thinking about series of business ideas for Nigerian entrepreneurs. So today I came up with startup idea that will make you a billionaire. In this article I want you to think big. I will be discussing startup ideas that can really change Nigeria.

If you want to start a business and become a billionaire or a millionaire these are the types of ideas you should be going for because this is the future and this is what people are looking for now.

Also these are the ideas investors are specifically looking for to back because they know there is a huge market for it. These ideas will not only make you a millionaire or billionaire but will shape the world and save billions of life.

15 Business Ideas For Nigerian Entrepreneurs

These are my ideas I thought of why alone in my room so I decided to share it with you. If you can implement any of these ideas, success to you because I know it will make you join the billionaire club.

Search engine

This has been my long time idea creating a search engine for Nigeria and Africa. Though we have no data center here, but someone should try to bring it down to Nigeria. Just imagine we have search engine in Nigeria what will be the outcome since internet is getting wide every day, more and more are coming in and I believe investors are waiting for this.


How can we come up with new drugs that helps human with memory, enhance human intelligence and so on. If you can come up with this idea you will not only be a billionaire but a world changer. Producing drugs that can make human to think fast and store memories.

Internet structure

How can we change the internet for the better, making it secure and allow more free communication methods? Also creating a global WI-Fi that can share fast network to everyone in the world to connect and browse the net after subscribing.


How can we make expensive software cheap so that more people can use it. Also how can we develop software that people can use without using code to create softwares. This is a great idea because; if anyone can develop this in Nigeria I will be the first person to start using the software.

Financial service

How can we do financial service better, because people need better ways to save and invest money. So developing a technology for that will be a great idea.

Health care

How can we take healthcare to a whole new level by helping people prevent health problems using data and technology e.g. creating a technology that alert people that an illness has affected you they should go for check up before it circulates. Also a technology that can discover who is affected immediately with HIV, CANCER, EBOLA, MALARIA and many more without visiting the hospital.

Artificial intelligence

How can we imitate human thinking, creativity and complex problem solving with machine. Meaning how you can develop a computer that solves problems that humans can’t or maybe it will take years to achieve but with the use of the new technology it will be possible for a week.

Programming tools

How can we make programming better and more effective by coming up with a better system. Also creating a programming tool that allows us to create things that we want to create instead of going for the education for years of what you want to create.


Honestly scientists are getting better creating robots. But how can we create something like what we see in the movie seeing a robot being someone assistance. E.g. robot assisting you in cleaning your house, washing your vehicles and many more just like what maids do.

Also how can we create robots that can do dangerous human task, putting humans out of harm to save life because human do lot of dangerous task all because of money. If you can come up with something like this and pursue it surely you will make fame and be a billionaire.


How can we better educate people in a way that is more convenient without giving up the class experience using technology. Crating a technology to receive lecture without you been in a class physically. And also create platform for making education easy e.g Online Academic Library For Exams Past Questions and Answers, Higher Institutions Course Materials & Project Topics And Materials.

Food and water

Food and water shortage are almost guaranteed to be a problem in the future. How can we come up with more efficient ways to make food and produce clean water for the growing world population. Will cant live without food. we all should try to invest in agriculture


Creating a system that downloads human minds, so that some of the most influential thinkers of our time will never be forgotten and can always tap into their knowledge when needed.

Also how can we alter genetics for offspring and reverse the effects of aging or create a longer human life spam and make old ones feel they are young even if they are in their 80s instead of breaking down by this age.

Jobs for humans

In the future this will really be a huge problem because robot and computers will take over very soon and if it happens, how will humans who have no job survive. So creating jobs for human that robots or computers can’t do is a great idea e.g. computer repair, robot repair and so on.


Energy will always be a big deal especially now our populations of humans are going high and everything around the world. How can we power our device, our homes, vehicle with better batteries, from solar energy and water.

How can we make use of this resource that is always 24-7 naturally to create better more powerful energy. If you can bring this idea in Nigeria you will make millions.

Talent discovery

How can we discover people that will make great actor, actress, and music stars and so on. Looking for a better way to discover these people with the use of internet instead of them going for talent hunt or movie industries to get trails is a great idea.

Creating a platform for this will fetch you billions. Actually YouTube has created some great avenues for this but still is not enough. All you need to do is to create something more advance on talent discovery online.

We love comments if you have any ideas that will transform Nigerian entrepreneurs into a billionaire share it with us.